January 11, 2011 Meeting


  1. Akhil
  2. Bharath
  3. Pockey
  4. Fred
  5. wers
  6. emily
  7. terral
  8. max

Meeting notes

  1. We discussed about a few ideas for the conference:
    • Lakhil / Bharath mentioned that the university can provide more rooms, we can think about have a hands-on-lab room. and we can open it up for students from all universities. We just need to manage the time for it. we can have 2-3 computers running gnome3 so students can play with shell and other cool stuffs
    • Lakhil / Bharath suggested to have a minimal conference fee (Students $4-$5. delegates $10 , corporate delegates $50 something on these lines) we don't make any significant amount of money on the entry fee. When there is registration fee people take it a bit more seriously. it's common in India , even foss.in used to have fee. else the universities keep wondering, why are they free, is it really a serious event and such stuff. Sponsors / speakers and students from the conference venue will be free. so logistics are needed to think about , how to charge, if we get paid online, there will be transaction fee, if we get paid on the spot, it's a lot of work , and a lot of little changes are needed
    • We also discussed about having 2 days of conference (as the local Bangalore team think it's good to have some hot topics (non-GNOME related) to attract participants), however, it may include more budget, so we would rather be GNOME focused. If we have enough sponsors, we will consider to host one more day.
    • We can have three keynote speeches (2 from GNOME and 1 from the top sponsor)
  2. Lakhil / Bharath started drafting the site content like venue, location, travel, visa information and Will will help to organize the site contents, the deadline has been postponed to January 17, 2011
    • AI: Terral to send an email to ask for the content pages (e.g. introduction summary, schedule, travel, visa, accommodation, sponsors, etc)
    • AI: The content pages can be online in 1 week
  3. AI: Lakhil / Bharath / Fred are preparing the call for sponsors draft, Bharath will send out 1st draft by Friday
  4. Fred got response about the date from release team, r-t will be discussing the date this weekend and get back to us.
  5. Lakhil already sent the call for participant (draft) to the committee for review (http://live.gnome.org/GnomeAsia/CallForPaper)

    • AI: Everybody to read the call for papers and give our comment(s) by this week.
    • AI: we target to finalize it this weekend and send out early next week.
    • During the meeting, comments are collected as below:
      1. Number of tracks will depend on the number of entries (up to three tracks can be hosted at the same time) - Lakhil
      2. The introduction should highlight GNOME 3.0 launch party as the key theme of the conference - Pockey
      3. The name of the Summit is GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 - Pockey
      4. The name of the event should be : GNOME 3.0 Hackfest | GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 - Pockey
      5. Topics should be GNOME 3.0 related or GNOME related - Fred
  6. abharath / Lakhil updated on the venues for the three days hackfest plus 2 days optional and 1 day conference
    • Visited the venue and finalized 'Dayananda Institute' as gnome.asia 2011 venue
    • AI: Need to confirm them the conference and hackfest date so that they will reserve the conference hall
    • AI: Picture of the venue can be accessed at http://yfrog.com/h6sl5pj and http://www.dayanandasagar.edu/photogallery.php, photos of exact venue will be sent by Abharath in 3 days.

    • abharath / lakhil suggested to host the 3 days hackfest and 1 day conference in the same venue (Dayananda Institute)
    • AI: For the two days optional hackfest, srag will confirm with Intel to get a place for 15 people for 2 days hackfest and get back to us by Jan 12
  7. abharath updated on the accommodation plan for hackers / participants
    • Abharath has asked the institute to suggest a few places if they have tie ups with hotels.
    • AI: Abharath will update us within a week with the photos
  8. MAX sourced / tested a suitable video conferencing / streaming tool (FOSS) so we can connect different events worldwide, it's justin.tv,
    • AI: max will test it with Akhil as next step and let us know the report

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