December 28th 2011 Meeting

Planned Agenda

  1. Update on previous action items
  2. Discuss on building Website contents
  3. Discuss on designing promotional materials
  4. Discuss on registration system
  5. Other open topics

Meeting Notes

  1. The Indian local team (Lakhil / Bharath) will take over weekly meeting starting from next week to work with the committee and get prepared for the Summit 2011
  2. We talked about registration system, Will said it's ready so we will let Lakhil / Bharath to follow up with Will
  3. We talked about marketing materials designs, we may use the design from the tshirt contents if it is allowed and at the same time Lakhil / Bharath will need to find helpers in the local team
  4. Bharath mentioned the KDE event at we need to follow up tightly with getting sponsors

New action items

  1. Will to draft another email to Mario to follow up
  2. Lakhil / Bharath to start drafting site content like venue, location, travel, visa information and Will will help to organize the site contents, deadline is January 11, 2011
  3. Lakhil / Bharath / Fred to send out the call for sponsor draft by end of this week (draft)
  4. Lakhil to send out call for participant draft by end of this week (draft)
  5. Everybody to look at our previous action items and update the mailing list before the upcoming weekly meeting

Previous action items

  1. Will to follow up with Mario's response on social networks' groups - Will had no feedback from Mario
  2. Will to follow up on the design of the site
  3. Bharath / Akhil to gather initial feedbacks from GNOME users in Indonesia and India and then put those feedback on

  4. pockey/fred/will to move to "our" server, as well as slides and so on
  5. Fred to send a date proposal to the three teams and we target to confirm the date before end of December
  6. Emily to upload / share previous years call for sponsors document to Bharath / Akhil / Fred - DONE
  7. Fred / abharath / Akhil to draft the call for sponsor paper and send to the committee on or before 31st December
  8. abharath to confirm other venues for the three days hackfest and 1 day conference
  9. srag to talk to Intel campus to get a place for 15 people for 2 days hackfest and get back to us
  10. abharath to confirm the accommodation plan for hackers
  11. Akhil to draft the "call for participants" and submit to the committee for review
  12. abharath to create wiki pages to start collecting activities of the hackfest at and AsiaGroup wiki page with reference to

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