December 7th 2010 meeting


  • Update on previous weeks action items - 5 mins
  • Feedback on the three proposals from Hong Kong, Bali and Bangalore (Q&A) - 30 mins

  • Confirm the date of the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 / GNOME 3.0 Hackfest (Before / During / After the GNOME 3.0 launch) - 15 mins
  • Discuss and confirm objectives for the user survey : - 10 mins

Previous weeks outstanding AI

  1. Bharath / Akhil to submit a final proposal to the committee list on December 7 before the weekly meeting (1400 UTC) - DONE
  2. Will to update on Mario's response on social networks' groups
  3. Will to add more GNOME.Asia pictures (from flickr) to the website, it can be a component to stream pictures from flickr as an example - DONE
  4. Will to update on alternative themes of the site
  5. Bharath / Akhil / Utian to gather initial feedbacks from GNOME users in Indonesia and India and then put those feedback on

Meeting notes


  1. Pockey
  2. Fred
  3. Wers
  4. Yippi
  5. Emily
  6. Abharath
  7. Terral
  8. Sfung
  9. Sakana


  1. Utian

Meeting notes:

  1. Started by asking questions about the Indian submission:
    1. included prices are 2 persons occupancy based pricing (fully furnished apartments)
    2. Bharath will provide more details about apartments (photos) and hotels in the area (pricing, class, etc) by this weekend
    3. Emily mentioned Oracle has some people working on the GNOME Desktop in Bangalore as well and they would help should Bangalore be elected
    4. Bangalore GUG has disappeared
  2. Emily started listing criteria for choosing the winning team
    1. Venue
    2. Local community and sponsors
    3. Reasonable budget
    4. Organizing team
    5. Impact for GNOME
    6. Ability to acquire sponsors to cover the budget
    7. Infrastructure (transportation, Internet connection speed)
    8. Visa
    9. Convenience of Travel ( airport, transportation, etc )
  3. Pockey & Fred will make a shared document to enter the scores for each proposal

  4. Voting deadline is Monday December 13th
  5. Terral updated the GNOME.Asia website with a Flickr feed/rotating banner
  6. Terral didn't receive any response from Mario on getting back access to Social Network groups, so he will try to get better results through IM
  7. Terral sent some more feedback on the GNOME.Asia site design which the team wholeheartedly accepted with some minor changes:
    1. Sponsors logo moved to the top
    2. top banners with friends of GNOME, GNOME 3.0 launch party and so on
    3. Adding some icons for each section title (CSS styling)
  8. Terral will give the green light and get the design implemented
  9. Wers highlighted we need to explain what is GNOME.Asia versus GNOME
  10. Utian added Indonesian communities feedback to the wiki already ( )

  11. Wers is thinking of forming a "Success Measurement Team" together with the Usability and Marketing Teams
  12. Based on survey feedback and release schedule at conference should be

    1. 6 - 8 April 2011 for hackfest
    2. 9 april 2011 for conference
    3. 10 april 2011 for tour
    4. note: 22-25 Apr and 2 May 2011 are HK public holiday, Big IT conf in Feb. which might make it hard to get some of the sponsors
    5. Bali April 9th: Nepi Day

=> we vote first and then adjust the date based on location if needed

Action Items

  1. abharath / Alakhil to gather initial feedbacks from GNOME users in Indonesia and India and then put those feedback on

  2. For User survey, Pockey get feedbacks from the marketing / design teams

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