November 16, 2010 meeting minutes

Planned Agenda

  1. Update on outstanding action items - ALL
  2. Update on statistic of pre-event survey - Pockey
  3. Discuss on matching the date with GNOME 3.0 marketing hackfest (late Feb / early Mar) - ALL
  4. Update on the status of preparing proposals for the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 - Pockey / Abharath, Akhil / Utian
  5. Discuss on potential sponsors - - ALL

  6. Update on user experience on GNOME Desktop in Asia - Allan
  7. Update on the proposal of website - WILL

Attended by:

  1. Pockey
  2. Allan
  3. Fred
  4. Abharath
  5. Lakhil
  6. sakana
  7. terral

Action Items

  1. Will to wait one more week for Mario's response and then send him another email
  2. lakhil to continue to follow up with university management to check for the venues
  3. Pockey / Akhil / Utian to prepare proposals for the upcoming summit
  4. send an email to the mailing list to inform them about making the hackfest 3 days long + 1 day for the conference

Venue Updates

  1. Hong Kong
    1. Team is writing the proposal

Noteworthy Stuff

  1. Survey results are up

  2. Committee will decide the dates together with the venue end of this month. Consider either during or after the gnome 3.0 release

Next Week's Agenda

  1. proposal updates + Q&A + opportunities to improve localization for Hong Kong + start a Hong Kong GNOME user group + Hong Kong needs from GNOME

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