5th October 2010 meeting minutes

Planned Agenda

  1. Updates on last week Action Items
  2. Update on our pre-event survey for GNOME.Asia 2011 and online survey system
  3. Update from each potential country hosts i.e. India, Indonesia and Hong Kong
  4. Status update on the three Mailing list
  5. Brainstorm ideas for Taiwan GNOME User Group (meetings)
  6. Discuss about communicating with other GUGs to make multi-city launch parties
  7. Discuss about GNOME.Asia website new content

Attended by:

  1. Pockey
  2. Allan
  3. Fred
  4. Abharath
  5. Lakhil
  6. Yippi
  7. Max

Action Items

  1. Fred /Will to follow up on Mario letter
  2. Will to follow up on the three mailing lists
  3. Pockey/Fred to follow up on the YMCA Youth Hostel
  4. Pockey to send an email to the Spanish GNOME community to know what's their plan for the GNOME 3.0 launch
  5. Everyone to think about / suggest new content items for gnome.asia site
  6. Everyone to check if there's any interest in a GNOME 3.0 release party in their area (and even beyond)

Venue Updates

  1. India
    1. Novell's sponsorship and having their office as a plan B for the venue
    2. Holding the hackfest/conference in a university then spending a day or two at the Novell office
  2. Hong Kong
    1. YMCA Youth Hostel

Noteworthy Stuff

  1. Sponsorship
    1. Making sure that we get local sponsors
    2. Raising money not only for GNOME.Asia 2011, but also for future GNOME.Asia activities
  2. GNOME TW User Group is doing well. Cool! (see http://gnome.tw/20101005)

Next Week's Agenda

  1. Discuss new content for http://gnome.asia

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