12th October 2010 meeting minutes

Planned Agenda

  1. Update on last week action items:
    1. letter to Mario
    2. three mailing lists
    3. communication with other gugs
  2. Update from each potential country hosts i.e. India, Indonesia and Hong Kong
  3. Validate the pre-event survey for GNOME.Asia 2011
  4. Discuss about GNOME.Asia website new content

Meeting minutes


  1. Allan
  2. Emily
  3. Fred
  4. Pockey
  5. Utian
  6. Will
  7. Yippi


  1. Fred explained went over the issues with MBM usage of the GNOME brand and the letter was shared among the group. Everyone agreed to the content and Will will be sending the letter to Mario in the coming days.
  2. Will explained again the plan for the mailing list migrations, what has been created so far and how they will be used:
    • gnome-asia-list@ is a public list for every one interested in GNOME in Asia
    • asia-summit-list@ is the list for GNOME.Asia Summits preparation that we use with the local teams each year
    • gnome-asia-comittee-list@ is the list for the GNOME.Asia committee to discuss about committee affairs
  3. All the lists are ready and Will will merge all current members of asia-summit-list to gnome-asia-list and asia-summit-participants-list will receive an email today to subscribe to gnome-asia-list .
  4. GNOME 3.0 launch celebrations worldwide coordination: Pockey sent emails to foundation-list, gnome-gl-list, gnome-ge-list, gnome-turk, gnome-hispano-list, gnome-cn-list, gnome-tw list. And Fred is helping to translate the email to French to send to French list and french marketing list.
  5. Pockey also suggested to make an event map and encourage any FOSS group to get involved in the celebration (not only GUGs)
  6. So far not a lot of feedbacks received. Will continue to follow up.
  7. GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 survey: the survey is validated. We will now submit it to 10 people first, and then according to plan act upon feedback received.
  8. Update from potential country hosts: new wiki page for Hong Kong @ http://live.gnome.org/GnomeAsia/2011Summit/PotentialVenues/HK . Also considering Bali, Utian is looking for contacts to help out with coordination since he is on Java island. Should Bali be selected we should try to address GNOME and tourism in order to cater to the local Balinese environment and attract more visitors to the conference.

  9. Website discussions closed the meeting. Will explained what technology is used to administer GNOME.Asia website. We touched about the content evolution to address both the summits and the community purposes of GNOME.Asia. Pockey, Allan and Fred will start adding content in the wiki, to later move it to the site. Pockey provided some links for 2010 summit photos so Will can work on new graphics. An site outline needs to be written.
  10. A website brainstorming page where everyone can contribute has been created @ http://live.gnome.org/GnomeAsia/SiteContent

Action Items

  1. Will to send the letter to Mario after waiting for 1-2 days for further feedback, cc'ing gnome-asia-committee-list. Deadline: October 14th, 2010
  2. Will to request old mailing list deletion by Next Tuesday
  3. Will to clean up asia-summit-participants and asia-summit-list (note: Fred already cleaned up asia-summit-list)
  4. Pockey to confirm the 10 people to send the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 to through email to the asia-summit-list
  5. Will to add preview function to gnome.asia wbesite
  6. Will to add a link for the gnome.asia front page content
  7. Will to add a link for the gnome.asia existing front page content
  8. Will to brief volunteers from our group about Django (Fred, Allan?)

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