21st September 2010 meeting minutes

Planned agenda

  • Update on our pre-event survey for GNOME.Asia 2011 and online survey system
  • Update from each potential country hosts i.e. India , Indonesia and Hong Kong
  • Discuss about starting a new Mailing list and IRC channel for GNOME.Asia (not committee ones)
  • GNOME.Asia website: update on our front page and discussion on adding new contents
  • Discuss about the event box / kit for local users group

Action Items

  • Next IRC meeting will be on Tuesday 28th Sep, 2010 (Time: 1400 UTC , Channel: #asia-summit @GIMPNet)
  • Next IRC meeting notes will be written by Allan :) thanks!

  • Everybody test the survey and give feedback to Pockey
  • utian send us pictures of the mentioned resort and check other alternative resorts with 2 - 4 beds / room
  • wers to check holiday inn in bali
  • abharath and lakhil check locations in India
  • pockey to follow up with Hong Kong linux user group on the locations in hk
  • SFD_Fred to send contacts of chennai to abharath and lakhil
  • Will to create permanent page for 2010 press release.
  • Pockey to check all the links of the press release
  • everybody to think about new contents for GNOME.Asia site to target both GNOME users and developers in Asia
  • Will to email asia-summit@gnome and propose 2 new lists and Collect feedback
  • everybody to look at : http://live.gnome.org/GnomeEventsBox and think of starting an Asian event box produced in Asia

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