7th September 2010 meeting minutes

Planned agenda

  1. To brainstorm if we can host a Hackfest / GNOME 3.0 release party for GNOME.Asia 2011
  2. Call for host: potential countries and time-line to send out call for host
  3. Call for sponsors: suggestions on getting enough funding to host the event (if we host the event)

** We didn't have time to cover the following (will be covered next meeting):

  1. Start a new Mailing list and IRC channel for GNOME.Asia (not committee ones)
  2. GNOME.Asia website: building new contents
  3. Discuss about the event box / kit for local users group


  1. PockeyLam (from China, GNOME.Asia Committee member)

  2. EmilyChen (from China, GNOME.Asia committee member)

  3. FredericMuller (from China, GNOME.Asia Committee member)

  4. Utian (from Indonesian, he is organizing Indonesia Linux conference and member of BlankOn Linux Community, Indonesia Linux Distribution)

  5. Andika (from Indonesia, coordinator of GNOME Indonesia translation team)
  6. AllanCaeg - wers (from Philippines, web UX designer and contributor to GNOME's, Ubuntu's, and Firefox's UX design. Board member of the Philippine Open Source Network, coordinator of the Mozilla Philippine Team...)

  7. BharathAcharya - Abharath (from Bangalore, India, he works on Evolution, and also a member of the GNOME Travel Committee)

  8. Max - Sakana (from Taiwan, he is organizing the GNOME-TW Users group, and he is an instructor)
  9. WillLashell (from USA, GNOME.Asia Committee member)

  10. lakhil, (from Bangalore, India, he works on Evolution as QA, i do bug triaging in gnome bugzilla)

Meeting notes

For GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011, we discussed if there is any opportunity to host GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011 and thought that can be a 5 + 1 days event, 5 days of Hackfest plus 1 day of conference

Time: March 2011 (GNOME 3.0 release ~)

Objectives: To launch GNOME 3.0 and get all those top developers which is a great motivation for anyone else in Asia to come and help, talk to them. Developers can also hack on top of GNOME 3.0. And it will serve as a release party to do more PR and marketing for GNOME in Asia as well.

Potential participants: Hackfest: GNOME developers and GNOME marketing people Conference: GNOME developers / users and people interested into GTK+ technology (can be companies)

Capacity: 5 days Hackfest (70 people) + 1 day conference (150 - 300 people)

City and Venue requirements: On top of the checklist from: http://gnome.asia/en/p/about/checklist/ Hackfest rooms must have:

  1. good Internet
  2. inexpensive (or free)
  3. accommodation not far and cheap
  4. a few rooms for different sessions
  5. tables and seats / sofa
  6. relaxing place
  7. coffee served :)

  8. potential venues for Hackfest: Universities, guest house, office, etc.

Conference room (for 1 day) should be able to accommodate 150 - 300 people.

  • We will try to find a city with max. 1 hour or 2 hours driving from the international airport

Potential countries to host GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011: Philippines, Indonesia, India Hong Kong (maybe we will have others after announcing the "call for host") - those countries / cities are the potential host for the upcoming years.

For Philippines: Allan discussed with the Philippine Open Source Network. They're willing to do the leg work and proposed to do it in Boracay (white sand ftw). However, 2011 Q1 is too soon, so they rather plan for GNOME.Asia 2012

Action Items

  1. Utian and Andika will help to look for venues in Indonesia (potential cities: Jakarta Bogor Depok Tanggerang Bekasi or Bandung). Besides, he thinks it's possible to get local companies as sponsor. They will also start to prepare proposal to host GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011.
  2. Abharath and lakhil will help to look for venues in India (potential cities: either Bangalore or Mysore) Besides, he thinks it's possible to get local companies as sponsor. They will also start to prepare proposal to host GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011.
  3. Pockey to follow up with Hong Kong Linux User Group that can help to approach universities in HK to host the GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011, will update the committee when they have more solid ideas.
  4. Pockey / Emily to prepare call for host of GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011 and send out to public in the coming 2 weeks.
  5. WILL to post the log history online and send us the link.
  6. The committee is looking for a member to help to write meeting notes mainly Action Items, please let us know if you have any interest.
  7. Brian to comment / advice on the briefing of the GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011 above in this meeting notes
  8. Everybody has question regarding the preparation of " Proposal to host GNOME.Asia Hackfest 2011 " please send email to asia-summit-list <asia-summit-list (at) gnome.org> to discuss.

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