Asian Event Kit

Asian event boxes will be a bit different from Events/GnomeEventsBox, Events/GnomeEventsBox/NAGnomeEventBox and Events/GnomeEventsBox/Schedule. We are intending to build light weight event kits (only GNOME related stuff) to give away to each Asian country that already / planned to have local GNOME User Group or intended to host a GNOME event in their cities / countries.

This is a page for us to share ideas, so it is under brainstorming stage at the moment.

It's good to have this event kit ready before the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011, so we can give one or two kits in the next location and stimulate local passionate people to start a local GNOME user group.

Main ideas of the Asian Event Kit

  • 1 per active country / city.. active as in we have a user group or we want to have one...
  • a event kit used to help give an identity to the local promoters and make their job of promoting easier
  • so they all look like GNOME and are easy to be recognized as part of GNOME

Suggested Contents in the Kit

  1. 10 GNOME t-shirts ( a bulk of 10 for 1 group so if a group has 3-4 people initially and the members can keep the extra 6 t-shirt if the team changes)
  2. 10 GNOME badges (same idea as above)
  3. 1 GNOME banner with only GNOME logo and simple Free Desktop message - 1 x 2.5 m, with some rope to hang it
  4. 2 GNOME table cloth with only GNOME logo (to put on a booth table) - 1.5 x 2 m
  5. A large black and white plastic/acrylic GNOME Foot poster (localized in their own languages if necessary)
  6. 2 large HP GNOME posters (localized in their own languages if necessary)

Optional ideas that can be considered:

  1. 3 GNOME bags
  2. 3 GNOME Caps
  3. USB stick with a live image (That way people could boot their laptops from that image if they wanted to show a clean install of GNOME)

The following links are those uploaded artworks of posters / flyers / brochures of English version, please feel free to localized in your own Asian language and upload your artworks in this page.





Ideas of budget estimation and how to finance / produce the Asian event kit

This is a section for members to write down our ideas of the budget for each items to be produced and how to finance and product the Asian Event Kit.

  1. It's suggested that t-shirts, badges, banner, table clothes can be produced in one location and deliver upon request.
  2. Posters / flyers / brochures should be localized to their own languages an produced locally


  1. GNOME.Asia committee should look for sponsors first
  2. We can also consider to ask for support from The GNOME Foundation

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