This is a place to list email address of different FOSS communities:

This list is for marketing purpose, please help to complete the list:

  • China: gnome-cn-list(at) (Beijing GNOME User Group), qingdaolug <qdlug(at)>, info(at) (BeijingLug)

  • Hong Kong: sammy(at) (, info(at)
  • Taiwan: wofoss(at) (Woman Foss Taiwan), gnome-tw-list(at) (Taiwan GNOME User Group)
  • Cambodia: pplug(at) (PP Lug)
  • Vietnam: jean-christophe.andre(at) (Hanoi Lug), An Nguyen <an.nguyen.foss(at)> (Saigon Lug)

  • Philippines: allancaeg (at), iosn-inwent-ltot-lpi2-philippines(at)
  • Indonesia: blankon [at], blankon-dev [at], centongin [at], id-ubuntu [at], klas-events [at], kpli-bogor [at], kpli-ntb [at], linux-aktivis [at], linux-programming [at], osug-indonesia [at], web(at), info(at)
  • India:
  • Singapore: chaimj(at), discuss(at)fosa(dot)sg, hackersspacesg(at)googlegroups(dot)com, slugnet(at)lugs(dot)org(dot)sg
  • Japan: webmaster(at) (, info(at), lilo(at),
  • New Zealand: nic(at),, scott(at), mark(at),
  • Australia: sfr(at), linux(at), president(at), luv-ctte(at), admin(at), lube(at), committee(at), committee(at), jon(at), organisers(at), axiiom(at), enquiries(at), david(at), michael(at), aslug(at), josh(at), glug_admin(at)
  • Others: tridge(at), noliver1(at), noliver1(at), backlane41(at), taslug(at), l.tux.171(at), asiasource3-participants(at)

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