/!\ When contacting potential sponsors, try to ask whether they plan on sending employees to attend and how many of them.

Confirmed sponsors

High quality sponsor logos and blurbs can be found in ownCloud - ask for a GNOME.Asia group to be created to upload new ones

  • CS2C


  • Nilenso (nilenso.com) -- Arun
  • Collabora (collabora.com) -- Arun (Kat followed up)

Potential sponsors

  • RedHat India -- Arun

  • Uncommon (uncommon.is)
  • Centricular (centricular.com)
  • IBM India
  • Vmware India
  • Rsystems International Ltd India
  • EMC2 India
  • Igalia - Kat


The brochure is attached to this page. A short link is available at: https://goo.gl/cPeze5

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