GNOME.Asia summit 2014 Speakers Slide.

For great speakers: please upload your slide here, the format is name+topic.


Ahmad Haris: ahmadharis_BringingIndonesianscripts.pdf

Aleksander Morgado: Introduction to D-Bus (and examples)

Allan Day: sandboxed-apps-for-gnome.pdf

Andre Klapper: Bug management slides (PDF):

Anish Patil and Daiki Ueno: Next Generation Input Methods

Aron Xu:

BinLi: Beijing GNOME User Group

DavidKing: Training materials: Training slides:

DavidKing: Beginner's guide to GNOME application development:

David Liang (Liang Chenye):Using gnome as the enterprise desktop

Ekaterina Gerasimova: GNOME Documentation: helping you learn and give back

Franklin Weng: Creating a Free World in Computer Classrooms

Guo Jia: Embrace dconf in GNOME

Jeongseok Kim: Developing New Element with GstCheck

Lance Wang:

Lennart Poettering:

Max Huang: FOSS & Education in Taiwan with Ezilla project (PDF)

Ms. Kai-ju Tsai: The_Community_Development_of_Scratch_and_Sensors_in_Taiwan_KaiJu.pdf

Olivier Crête:

Peng Wu: Wayland intro with i18n hacks

Sammy Fung: Local Weather Information and GNOME Shell Extension

Ting-Wei Lan: GNOME Archives Integration and FreeBSD porting

Tobias Mueller: Engagement/Presentations/GNOME-3.12.odp

Tong Hui:

Utian Ayuba: gnomeasia2014_lightingtalk_utian_indonesia.pdf

Weihua Du: WeiHuaDu_openQA.pdf

Wonchul Lee:

Yifan Jiang: Libreoffice Go hand in hand with Gnome

Zhang Weiwu:

Xia Bin: The framework of Deepin Desktop Environment

Chunsheng Wang: chunshengwang-zendao.ppt

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