Press Release of GNOME.Asia 2012


After Beijing, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Taipei and Bangalore, the fifth GNOME Asia Summit took place in Hong Kong on the 9-10 June, 2012. Hong Kong is well known for being one of the largest cities in Asia, with a thriving cultural scene, solid infrastructure, and well integrated international connections.

We are very grateful to have important leaders in the GNOME Design Team - Allan Day, William Jon McCann & Jakub Steiner – to first gave us giving an overview the various stages for go through as a part of design initiatives in GNOME in the pre-event workshop. Three of them then delivered keynote presentation just after the opening of the conference to explain the history and philosophy behind the design of GNOME 3. They were also very patient in answering many of the participants' questions. 26 foreign speakers and 4 local speakers then shared their experiences in various aspects around GNOME. A total of 123 participants presented in the event.

One track in the afternoon was designed to focus on localization & internationalization and a number of Chinese specific problems were discussed. Participants from Mainland and Taiwan could get together face to face with Hong Kong activists to build stronger relationships.

We are also very grateful to have sponsors and co-hosts including Google, CwLinux, DotAsia, City University of Hong Kong, Internet Society Hong Kong, OpenSource.HK, Hong Kong Linux User Group and Linux Pilot, We would also like to thank 3 individual sponsors. Last, but the least, all these will not happen without the support of the GNOME Foundation.

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