This is a page to drop down topics we wish to have during our conference. So we can invite / share with our potential speakers:


  1. GNOME Marketing
  2. Promotion of Free and Open Source Software
  3. How to run a Local GNOME User Group
  4. Asia Success Stories/Local GNOME Projects
  5. GNOME and Education
  6. GNOME Outreach Program for Women
  7. GNOME in Google Summer of Code
  8. GNOME in Google Code-In
  9. Easy mentoring
  10. New updates in GNOME 3.4
  11. How GNOME 3 became to be
  12. Adapting GNOME to New Types of Devices
  13. Find FOSS Friendly Hardware Manufacturers
  14. GNOME Design Story - (William Jon Mcann is an expert)
  15. GNOME OS - Should we awe?
  16. Building GNOME - Jhbuild to OSTree?
  17. Hacking on gnome-shell
  18. gobject introspection
  19. Contribute to GNOME
  20. Localization & Internationalization

  21. Autotools & Packaging

  22. how the release team works and how it is changing for GNOME 3
  23. best Asian GNOME success stories e.g. set up a kiosk business in Hong Kong
  24. who are yet to start with GNOME
  25. Bugsquadding in GNOME
  26. Contribute to GNOME in Asia
  27. Running a GNOME business
  28. How from being a contributor you became a hired GNOME employee
  29. Add your topics
    • Any free and open source related topic which is relevant to GNOME but not listed above is still welcome. Your participation can help us make the conference better!

Lightning talks

Please add your talk on this page

6 Booths

  1. GNOME 3.0 / GNOME Shell Demo
  2. Helpdesk
  3. GNOME Design Story
  4. More to come


  1. GNOME Tools
  2. The GNOME Platform
  3. Glib + GObject
  4. GTK+ GtkBuilder and Glade (William John McCann, Jakub Steiner and Allan Day)

  5. Add your ideas


  1. ModemManager - Aleksander Morgado

  2. Tracker - Aleksander Morgado
  3. Add your ideas

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