Hong Kong

Proposal to be downloaded here

1 day conference

The 1 day conference can be hosted in one of the universities in Hong Kong.

5 days Hackfest

Option 1

It's suggested to rent a few guest houses for 5 days (usually 5 to 10 persons / house) in separate islands. We can pick the ones with wifi access and next to the beach.

cheungchau.jpeg hkisland.jpg lamma.jpg lantau.jpg guest_house.jpg guest_house1.jpg

There are three separate islands in Hong Kong.

  1. Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

  2. Lamma Island, Hong Kong

  3. Lantau Island, Hong Kong


  • Lantau Island is the closest to the airport, 1 hour drive from the airport.
  • All the three islands are accessible by ferries from Kowloon or Hong Kong Island. Duration: 1 hour. It will take around 2 hours (train plus ferry) to go to the other two islands from the airport.

Guest house price

  1. Weekday: range from USD 40 to 110 / person (2 stars to 4 stars)
  2. Weekend (holidays): range from USD 70 - 140 / person (2 stars to 4 stars)
  3. Concerto Inn in Lamma Island

  4. Guest house in Cheung Chau

  5. Silvermine beach hotel in Lantau Island


  • Exchange rate: 1 USD to ~7.75 HKD.
  • We also need to check and bargain for wifi access. need to also test for the speed...


  1. There are a lot of sea food restaurants in islands
  2. We can also go to supermarket to buy stuff to bbq outside of our guest house
  3. Otherwise, there are also a lot of local restaurants for noodles, sandwiches or fried rice

Option 2

2nd option will be to find a hotel / resort in rather remote area that can offer affordable package to accommodate 50 to 70 hackers for 5 days.

goldcoast1.jpg goldcoast.jpg

  • Gold Coast Hotel - Holiday Inn in the new territories, next to the sea as well. Since it's quite remote area, so it's rather cheap but high quality.
  • Price: ~50 USD / person, two persons per room

  • Meeting rooms + Lunch + 2 times coffee break 60 USD / day / person
  • Asking the hotel to provide a package price for 50-70 people including bed rooms with free wifi access, 3 to 6 meeting rooms with free wifi access, food included as a total package. Will keep you posted here.
  • Transportation: 1.5 hours from the airport

Option 3

To work with non-profit organization in Hong Kong to get a free or very low price venue.

Option 4


YMCA Hotel in Kowloon recommended by Sammy from OpenSource.hk community. More details will be provided later. (but this area / location is rather expensive, so we will see if Sammy can get a good package...)

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