"I am GNOME" Marketing Video


  • To create a marketing GNOME video to show different people of using GNOME


The video taking process can be happening in the GNOME Booth while manning the booth :)

Questions to ask:

  1. Ask them to say " I am a GNOME Hacker" or "I use GNOME" or "I am a GNOME contributor" etc.
  2. Ask them how do you use GNOME?
  3. Ask them why do you use GNOME?

targets to be in video

  1. any GNOME users, contributors, hackers
  2. target to shoot at least 30 people

We have two cameras, one from Max, and one borrowed from Emily. For the two days of conference, please select at least 30 persons each and tape them when you ask them the above questions. Max will help with the editing afterwards


  1. Max will work with the GNOME.Asia Committee to edit the video
  2. Target to finish in the coming 1 or 2 months (by July 2011)

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