Day Tour

One day outing on the next day after conference gets over

  • Date: April 4 (Monday)
  • Time: 9am to 6pm

We will most likely pick two places to visit. Please let us know which one(s) is your preference.

Suggested location

Registration and preferred activities

Please put your name below if you plan to attend the tour.

  • Pockey Lam (ok with any of the above)
  • Frederic Peters (any of the above, but +1 for Bannerghata National Park)
  • Lionel Dricot (any of the above but would prefer historical buildings. +1 for srirangapatna )
  • Manish Yadav (any of the above)
  • Brian & Janette Cameron (ok with any of the above)

  • Chandni Verma (ok with any of the above)
  • Allan Caeg (ok with any)
  • Josselin Mouette (ok with any, would prefer historical buildings/temples)
  • Salahuddin Pasha (any of the above)
  • Joachim Breitner (I plan to do Mysore on Friday, with KSTDC, so would prefer other destinations. Anybody wanting to join me on Friday?)

  • Sahil Malhan (any of the above)

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