This is a page to drop down topics we wish to have during our conference. So we can invite / share with our potential speakers:

  1. What's new in GNOME 3
  2. How GNOME 3 became to be
  3. Hacking on gnome-shell
  4. gobject introspection
  5. Contribute to GNOME
  6. how the release team works and how it is changing for GNOME 3
  7. best Asian GNOME success stories e.g. set up a kiosk business in India
  8. who are yet to start with GNOME
  9. Evolution EWS - the future of collaboration (ChenthillPalanisamy to present)

  10. Bugsquadding in GNOME - AkhilLaddha

  11. Contribute to GNOME in Asia - PockeyLam / EmilyChen

  12. OpenSUSE Build Service + SUSE Studio (Vincent is the expert) (1 place - package for multiple distributions) -

  13. coding as contributing. So packaging + translating
  14. Running a GNOME business
  15. How from being a contributor you became a hired GNOME employee


  1. GNOME 3.0 / GNOME Shell Demo
  2. Helpdesk

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