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Visa to Vietnam:

To enter Vietnam, guests from China, Taiwan, U.S and Europe, are all required to have Vietnam entry visa. Visa exemption is applied for citizens of: ASEAN countries (period stay: 30 days), Korea, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland (15 days)

  • If the guest is going to get the visa for himself: He will need to go to the Vietnam consulate in his country, and apply for either tourist or business visa. The tourist visa is cheaper and easier to get. Standard one: single entry _ 30days. The process will take around 5 working days, and will cost less than $50 depends on the country. All the information is available online at the Vietnam consulate website of that particular country.

  • If organizers are going to get the visa for the guests: There are many agencies offering e-visa services. They will help you apply visa for the whole group online. The guests basically do not need to do anything, but providing their passport detail. Visa approval letter will be sent to the guests with 2 days, later on the guests will get the visa stamp at the airport when they arrive. For a group of 10 or more, it may cost $40 for each single entry visa.

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