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Jeff Cai

Short Bio: I'm from Solaris Desktop division of Sun Microsystems Corporation. I'm been working on GNOME platform for nearly 5 years. Ever worked on multiple modules of GNOME such as Evolution, GNOME Power Manager, gnome-keyring, accessibility, Seahorse etc.

Projects: FolderShot, Sync Your Local Folder with an Online Storage

Nationality: China

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Title: FolderShot, Sync Your Local Folder with an Online Storage

This proposal belongs to the type 'GNOME library and application development'.

FolderShot is an application that helps synchronize your local folder with an online storage server automatically. It provides an easiest way to share and store your files online. A local daemon is started and keeps running at the backend. It synchronizes between the online storage server and specified local folders with several of your computers.

FolderShot is based on GNOME platform and makes use of services provided by gvfs-daemon to download/upload files from the servers.

I will introduce the features, the architecture of FolderShot and how it works.

Language: English


Emily Chen

Short Bio: Emily Chen is a software engineer working on OpenSolaris desktop. Now she is responsible for the quality of the Mozilla products like Firefox and Thunderbird on OpenSolaris. She is passionate about open source. She is core contributor of OpenSolaris community in 2009. She worked on Google Summer of Code program as a mentor in 2006 and 2007. She organized the first ever GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 in Beijing and found the Beijing GNOME Users Group. She graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a masters degree in computer science. In her spare time, she likes snowboarding, hiking and swimming.

Projects: Meeting for GNOME.Asia Committee

Nationality: China

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: It is a meeting for all GNOME.Asia Committee members to get together, the main topic will be: 1) Our current status 2) Review Summit 2008 and 2009 3) Plan the next Summit 2010 as earlier as possible

It is committee meeting but open to all people who are interested in.

Language: English

Ping-Hsun Chen

Short Bio: Ping-Hsun Chen is a web and FOSS developer, project leader of xPUD, enjoying in old-school rock 'n' roll, Sci-Fi novels and volleyball, participating open source related activities, writing in free software, translating documents and books, loves NightWish, Vonnegut and Perl.

Projects: xPUD - Shortest path to the Cloud

Nationality: Taiwan

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: xPUD (http://xpud.org) is a minimal and fast booting “Browser OS”. Consisting mainly a desktop framework by leveraging web technologies, a web-based user interface running on top of Gecko/WebKit engines, and a base system that generated directly from a working Linux installation.

It has the advantages of web application like rapidly developing and easily mash-up, also made it possible to develop a platform-independent environment. xPUD can not only be a great platform to deliver Web Apps, but it’s also suitable for use on small devices like Netbook, MID or embedded system.

Language: English

Website: http://penkia.net

Facebook: penkia

Microblog: http://twitter.com/penk

Fred Chien

Short Bio: Fred Chien(錢逢祥) is a student at the TamKang University(淡江大學) in Taiwan. And also he is a Free Software developer and core developer of LXDE, focuses on embedded devices, server tech, web applications, liveCD and Desktop Environment. Sometimes research Linux kernel, drivers and OS stuffs.

Fred loves Free Software, especially the freedom it provides, and also publishes his development experience on the web. Also, he enjoy coding and replacing all software components with his own programs for fun.

Projects: LXDE

Nationality: Taiwan

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: LXDE is a newly risen desktop environment on each Linux distribution you can see, it is lightweight, fast and portable. The same as GNOME that LXDE is based on GTK+, it means they can be compatible with each other.

LXDE always try to find choke point and improve parts of GNOME, and it indeed found some solutions to solve performance issues of desktop environment. This talk will explain what is LXDE development strategy? and how to join LXDE development? We consider LXDE is not GNOME's enemy, working together is the good way to make desktop environment getting better. We also discuss what is LXDE plan to contribute to GNOME.

Language: English

Website: http://people.linux.org.tw/~fred/

Hong Phuc Dang

Short Bio: Non-technical, marketing specialized graduate who studied in Vietnam, Singapore, and U.S. Learning about Open Source in 2007 when she participated in FOSS Bridge (Hanoi), she got inspired by the enthusiasm of the Open Source community where people are willing to share their own ideas for better solutions and a bright future. She is a volunteer translator for FOSS projects including LXDE and Freifunk, member of LinuxNUS (Singapore) and SaigonLug (Vietnam).

Projects: All in one: Simplify your chat networks with Pidgin - MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, G-talk, Jabber, and 30 more

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Do you find it troublesome to open many different chat clients to talk with your friends online? You can simplify the way you chat with friends. Pidgin lets you log in to multiple accounts including Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Jabber, IRC and many others. There is hardly any chat network not supported. The talk will show you the installation step by step on Linux and Windows, how to set up all your messengers in one, and what plugins and themes are available? At the end of talk, there will be an open discussion.

Language: English or Vietnamese

Bảo Đỗ

Short Bio: I'm still student and I just want to know how GNOME is ?

Projects: GNOME ?

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: GNOME

Language: Vietnamese

Công Minh Dương

Short Bio: Currently working at IBM, Vietnam as a Technical Sales Lead of Software Group. More than 10 year experience in IT field, focus on community development tools.

Projects: Community Development Tools

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Today development tools should be based on open standards such as Eclipse, Apache Tomcat and Geronimo. They provide an attractive, robust, free of charge development environment for creating and deploying web applications. However, an alternative development environment has emerged that embraces the innovation of the open source development model while providing the stability of commercial development tools.

Community development tools from IBM are based on the same open standards as open source tools while providing enhanced functional capabilities and broader platform support for small teams just getting started or working on proof of concepts. The IBM Community tools include a development package for Eclipse, WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, DB2 Express C and a collaboration environment called Rational Team Concert Express C. These tools can provide a robust, stable, and supported development environment.

This briefing will explore the innovation of open solutions available from IBM and illustrate the power and flexibility of an open community development environment. Discussions will include IBM’s open standards strategy, as well as an in-depth discussion of IBM’s Open Community development tools. This discussion will provide details on the features and functions of Eclipse, DB2 Express C, and WAS CE and Rational Team Concert and their integration for a robust development environment to create and deploy Web applications.

Language: English or Vietnamese

Andy Fitzsimon

Short Bio: Andy Fitzsimon is an Australian open source designer currently living in China.

Previously working for Red Hat, Andy helped develop the completely free high-end publishing and translation tool-chain Publican.

Andy is an inkscape developer and is focusing his recent efforts on the improvement of the Open Clipart Library as well as the promoting cooperation of all open source creative software projects.

Projects: Designing with GNOME

Nationality: Australian

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Introduction to the professional graphic designers workflow on GNOME. illustration, desktoppublishing, photo manipulation typography and web.

This presentation is a walkthrough journey of the free design software compatible with the gnome desktop. It takes a big picture approach to cover the purpose and the direction of all projects that aim to complete the open source creative stack.

Language: English or Vietnamese

Website: andy.fitzsimon.com.au

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/andyfitz

Microblog: http://twitter.com/andyfitz

Tobias Gruetzmacher

Short Bio: Being a computer and "gadget" enthusiast since the early 1990s, I came to Linux around 1998 with SuSE 5.3, much involvement with the German floppy router project fli4l since 2001, mostly Debian user since 2002, some minor involvement in many smaller projects like wxruby, dosage and screentest. Self-taught software developer (C, C++, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java) and system administrator. I'm fascinated with embedded devices and odd hardware. I own a GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance SP, Nintendo DS Lite, an ATARI Portfolio, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, a C64, some old hardcoded telegame (well, it's Pong), an AlphaStation 200 and some thin clients. I currently work at a software company where Windows is the only target platform and free software is just something other people do.

Projects: Building cost-efficient thin-client solutions with Linux

Nationality: German

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: This talk will give an overview over the available soft- and hardware to build thin client networks with Linux. It will give a quick introduction to the basic building blocks to a classic thin client network, from DHCP, PXE and TFTP to netboot the clients over NFS, NBD for network storage and finally the different transport protocols for the actual display content (X11, SSH, NX). The main software part will focus on the LTSP and X2Go projects, which both try to deliver a complete network computing environment and will compare them to the classic XDMCP. The hardware part will present some low cost thin clients like the ALIX 3D3, the ThinCan or the eBox. To wrap it all up, the talk will present some experimental designs of "hybrid" thin clients, which make use of more powerful thin client hardware to move some of the processing work from the central server onto the thin clients. These clients might even be equipped with some persistent storage to minimize network traffic between the thin client and the central server.

Language: English

Le Ngoc Hung

Short Bio: updare later...

Projects: Viec hoc ma nguon mo va thi olympic

Nationality: Viet Nam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Noi ve viec hoc ma nguon mo cua sinh vien cua cac truong DH hien nay , xu the hoi nhap va cac cuoc thi Olympic tin hoc ve ma nguon mo ma sinh vien can tham gia

Language: Vietnamese

Việt Huỳnh

Short Bio: Việt học chuyên ngành CNTT của trường ĐH GTVT tp.HCM. Và hiện đang làm IT cho hệ thống mạng của công ty CP - Điện Tử Viễn Thông Kiến Việt. Khi biết có sự kiện GnomeAsia 2009 được tổ chức tại Việt Nam, Việt đã được bạn bè trong nhóm OpenSourceVN khuyến khích và tạo điều kiện để viết chủ đề về lĩnh vực mã nguồn mở. Tham gia GnomeAsia lần này Việt hi vọng sẽ được giao lưu, học hỏi với những người bạn cùng sở thích, niềm đam mê với mình.

Projects: Triển khai hệ thống IM bằng OpenFire trên Linux.

Nationality: Việt Nam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Openfire là máy chủ IM đa năng, dễ dàng cài đặt, triển khai và bảo mật. Sử dụng giao thức mở phổ biến jabber (XMMP), khả năng tùy biến cao dựa vào các plugin có sẵn.

Language: Vietnamese

Huynh Tuan Hai

Short Bio: work: freelancer about technical and web developer. knowledge:know linux when a student, join VietLUG but don't active. have a knowledge about computer and using software. favorites: like research information on internet,listen seminar on the web and exhibition. wish:wish the development of information technology in vietnam improve.

Projects: Compare Linux and Window in the company and the school?

Nationality: Viet Nam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: 1.What is need when you improve the system with the open source software (OSS)? 2.With the linux system, is the best solution for the problem? 3.What is need fot the staff and the student, pupils in the work and the class? Official or Entertainment, Job? What did the difference with windows system and linux system? 4.What difference when develop the linux system or the windows system? Role of the technical person? 5.What trouble when you working with linux? 6.The useful when use OSS in the company and the school.

Language: English or Vietnamese

Facebook: tuanhai12h

Pockey Lam

Short Bio: Pockey Lam is currently the VP Marketing of Gdium Education Project under Dexxon Data Media. She strives to promote FOSS and Open Education in schools to make more teachers understand its benefits. She has been giving presentations to teachers in a lot of schools in Beijing and contributing to the Greenboard Open Textbook project actively. Being the President (previously VP) of Beijing Linux User Group, she has been contributing to a lot of international Open Source events like Software Freedom Day 2007, Linux Developer Symposium 2008, GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 and OOoCon 2008. On top of Beijing, she also assisted in establishing LUGs in other cities like Qingdao LUG and Harbin LUG. Pockey is also a committee member of GNOME Foundation and the leader of College OSS Union which is a platform for Open Source advocates in Universities to meet together and share experience in starting, maintaining and growing their OSS clubs in their Universities. She has been assisting numerous universities to start and improve their Open Source Clubs like Tsinghua, BUBT, BUAA, USTB, Harbin HIT, etc. Striving to attract more women in technology especially FOSS domain, she is the leader of Techgirls Group since 2007 organizing Girls’ Installfest on a regular basis.

Projects: Building Communities

Nationality: Chinese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Being the President of one of the most active Linux User Groups in the world, Pockey will share her experience building communities. In this talk, we will explore some of the challenges that a community and its leader face, what are the typical paths for FOSS communities and what does it takes to be a community leader. Of course she will also cover how to attract and retain members, whether they are developers or not.

Language: English

Website: http://pockey.dao2.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pockeylam

Khanh Le

Short Bio: I'm a mobile GIS developer

Projects: OpenStreetMap Introduction

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Introduction about OpenStreetMap

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://www.khanhlnq.com

Facebook: khanhlnq

Microblog: http://twitter.com/khanhlnq

Kien Truc Le

Short Bio: Administrator of Ubuntu-VN

Projects: Ubuntu-vn's Introduction

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Introduction of Ubuntu-VN community

Language: Vietnamese

Nguyen Le Dang

Short Bio: I'm CEO of SilkCoast corporation

Projects: Application of OSGeo in business

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: How we apply OSgeo in tourism and real estate industries.

  • , Language: English

Nhựt Lê Quang Minh

Short Bio:

Projects: Lê Quang Minh Nhựt SV Phạm Quốc Bình Giang Supporter: Lê Thành Huy Hoppies: Football, popular activities,. ..

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: 1. Giới thiệu sơ lược về jMaki- một Ajax Framework hữu ích cho các ứng dụng web. 2. Kiến trúc, các thành phần và thuộc tính trong jMaki. 3. Hướng dẫn cách tích hợp jMaki vào Netbean IDE 6.5.1. 4. Một số Demo minh họa.

Tham khảo: http://www.sun.com/training/images/pdf/jMaki_Ajax_Framework.pdf

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://www.4shared.com/file/115442144/fbd7dc1d/CUSC-FjMaki.html

Andrew Lee

Short Bio: Andrew Lee(李健秋) participates and arranges a lot of free software community gatherings and events in Taiwan and also world-wide since 1999 such as GLLUG, TLUG, Skolelinux gatherings, DebConf/DebCamp, Open Technology Summit and LinuxWorld Expo and the International Conference on Open Source. He used to be one of the active developer in CLE(Chinese Linux Extension) project and also the founder of Mandrake-CLE. And now, He is a Debian developer, involved in debian-eeepc, debian-edu and embebian. He maintains several packages in Debian and also maintains the official debian/ubuntu mirrors in Taiwan for several years as an interface between tw people and Debian.. He currently a board of directors of SLAT(Software Liberty Association of Taiwan) as fits as his work on advocating the concept of free software and promoting the usage and development of Free and Open Source software. He likes art and cultures as well. He co-work with Arne Götje on localisation efforts of various kinds of Taiwan local languages and also enjoy the balancing of his work with learning about indigenous culture particularly drumming as a proud member of UnityDrum, organizing various cultural events to promote Indigenous culture.

Projects: libfm or LXDE BoF session about lightweight Debian

Nationality: Taiwanese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Andrew Lee (李健秋) is a Debian developer, he maintains several packages in Debian included LXDE and others. And he has been very active on advocating the concept of free software and promoting the usage and development of Free and Open Source software in Taiwan.

Language: English

Paul Mei

Short Bio: Paul Mei is the QA manager for Sun Desktop team now, has worked eleven years in Sun Microsystems. Paul also worked for the professional service, Solaris l10n team, Java development team for Sun. Paul got the master degree from Tsinghua university of China.

Projects: Desktop testing in the OpenSolaris community

Nationality: China

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Sun Desktop QA team has did lots of work on Desktop include GNOME testing in OpenSolaris community. We setup one desktop sub-community in the opensolaris community, which publishes and shares our testing progress with community member. We also setup the testopia server to manage all test cases for GNOME and other desktop test cases. We are involving the GNOME community automation testing, and work for one A11Y automation project, IPS automation project, etc. The sourcejuicer project is developed to let community people integrate their applications into OpenSolaris Desktop. The test day, bug day is used to attract and communicate with community people for contribution. We hope more people can join us for the OpenSolaris Desktop testing.

Language: English

Frederic Muller

Short Bio: 17 years experience in the IT and Telecom industry, of which 14 years were spent in Asia in managerial positions Frederic Muller first met with Linux when setting up his first company at the age of 24 and also one of the first ISP in Cambodia in 1995. He is currently Dexxon GM for Greater China, supervising production and commercializing the Gdium mini-laptop computer in Asia, as well as Vice President of Software Freedom International (the organization behind SFD), board member of SFDChina.org, Vice President of the Beijing Linux User Group, OLPH program manager, GNOME.Asia committee and GNOME foundation member. Obviously Frederic is a very active FOSS community member and uses GNOME everyday!

Projects: Open Source Education deployment in Rural/poor area in China

Nationality: French

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Presented by Pockey Lam and myself: Pushing FOSS in education since 2003, Pockey and Fred will share lessons learned to build a sustainable FOSS educational solution. This is of course still a work in progress but over the past few years they have solved quite a lot of issues related to deployment, maintenance, acceptance, cultural fitness and financing which could definitely apply and benefit to any similar endeavor in Vietnam or elsewhere. Even better we would actually love to cooperate with others and extend our reach in South East Asia.

Language: English

Le Na

Short Bio: Na Le is Sales manager at SilkCoast Corporation

Projects: Xu huong truong danh cho san pham ban do online thi

Nationality: Viet Nam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Xu huong cua thi truong danh cho ban do online

Language: Vietnamese

Nam Nguyen

Short Bio: Nguyễn Thành Nam là thành viên sáng lập nhóm Python Cho Người Việt. Anh đã sử dụng ngôn ngữ lập trình Python gần 10 năm nay.

Projects: Python cho phần đời còn lại

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Giới thiệu các nguyên tắc cơ bản của ngôn ngữ Python như sự sử dụng đại trà không gian tên, hướng tiếp cận kèm theo pin, ưu tiên tính dễ đọc, v.v... Một số so sánh nhỏ với các ngôn ngữ Java, PHP, Ruby sẽ làm nổi rõ các tính năng ưu việt của Python. Bài trình bày cũng giới thiệu về nhóm Python Cho Người Việt là một diễn đàn chung cho các thành viên đang dùng, và sẽ sử dụng Python trong công việc hàng ngày.

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://www.vithon.org

Vu Hung Nguyen

Short Bio: Nguyen Vu Hung is an Opensource enthusiast who has been with the local Free and Opensource Software community for a decade. Current he is the lead of the Vietnamese OpenOffice and he spends most of his free time on localization of Vietnamese OpenOffice as well as other l10n projects to bring the the best of Opensource to the country.

Projects: The vision of OpenOffice.org in Vietnam

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Just what is the state and the vision of OpenOffice.org in Vietnam? In a country where software piracy rate is 85%, a FOSS like OpenOffice.org is as free as MS Office suite. This talk will answering this paradox and list some key issues of Opensource software and its community in Vietnam. Specific highlights include:

* A brief history of OpenOffice.org in Vietnam. * A brief comparison between OpenOffice.org and MS Office in Vietnam. * Highlights of local opensource community activities (l10n). * The users' perspective (the bottom-up approach). * The government's approaches (the top-down approach). * Entrepreneurs' point of view. * Toward a standardization for Vienamese l10 projects. * How to get involved with OpenOffice.org

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://blog.hanoilug.org/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1596384224&v=info&ref=name

Microblog: http://twitter.com/vuhung

Thai Son Nguyen

Short Bio: Dean Mathematics Pedagogical University News HCMC_Trưởng khoa Toán Tin trường Đại Học Sư Phạm, Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh

Projects: Integrated program of linear Algebra in LaTeX for teaching mathematics

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Từ trước tới nay, Latex được sử dụng như một hệ sắp chữ để trình bày các bài báo, sách giáo khoa về toán học. Một số chương trình đại số máy tính như Maple sau khi tính toán đều có tùy xuất kết quả sang Latex.

Để giảm thiểu kinh phí mua bản quyền Maple, ĐH Joseph Fourrier (Pháp) đã viết ra một chương trình đại số máy tính tương thích với Maple, đó là XCAS với mã nguồn mở. Từ đó tác giả ở khắp nơi trên thế giới đã có những nghiên cứu về tích hợp XCAS với Latex

Báo cáo này giới thiệu cho độc giả Việt Nam một số kinh nghiệm trong việc tích hợp XCAS và Latex nhằm phục vụ cho việc giảng dạy toán học bậc phổ thông, và đại học.

Language: Vietnamese

An Nguyen

Short Bio: President of Saigonlug. ViPLUG's board member (Vietnamese Professional Linux/UNIX Group). Lead organizers oof Saigon Software Freedom Day. Organizers of Bracamp Saigon 2009. Freelance System Administrator. Linux & FOSS Advocate

Projects: Saigonlug Community

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Introduction about the community activities of Saigonlug.

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://projektantos.wordpress.com

Facebook: annguyenfoss

Microblog: http://twitter.com/annguyenfoss

= Hưng Nguyễn Văn = Short Bio: I'm currently work as a Linux system administrator. My work is focused on Network system and Linux, client, server...I'm also a member of Opensource-vn (http://opensource.com.vn) and Sai Gon Linux User (www.saigonlug.org). That's all about myself.

Projects: Zimbra collaboration suite - Giải pháp cho nhu cầu quản lí tập trung

Nationality: Vietnam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Zimbra CS is an open source product stand as an Mail server, it's real solution for every company would like to have an own mail server themself. But Zimbra CS is not just an Mail server, Zimbra cs can work as an centralise authentication system, other services can use Zimbra-ldap to authenticate users without creating user/password time to time for a new user. My presentation focuses on that subject.

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://opensource.com.vn

Facebook: whatvn

Microblog: http://twitter.com/whatvn

Yang Peng

Short Bio: Alfred is an open source contributor with contributions span several different open source communities. He is involved in different open source communities development and evangelism, from system level community (OpenSolaris) to the desktop applications (Mozilla, Songbird, GNOME, Google-Gadgets, LXDE) to library community (Google-breakpad). Alfred is now working for POTI inc. and developing the open source desktop media player -- Songbird as a Mozilla engineer.

Projects: Songbird sings on OpenSolaris -- the media player to integrate your Media & Web Experiences

Nationality: Chinese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Songbird is a GStreamer-based open source media player for GNOME desktop, which aims to be an alternative of iTunes, especially in the open source world. Songbird is built on top of Mozilla's XULRunner platform. That enables it to be cross-platform, support extensions/addons natively. Songbird has been integrated into OpenSolaris since 2008.11. It's the first desktop media player that enables DTrace probe as well.

This session will introduce Songbird's powerful capabilities, which include to play multiple audio formats (video is planned to be next release), to manage audio files by their metadata, to turn a web page into a playlist, to subscribe to MP3 blogs as playlists, to create smartplaylist so that the list can be updated automatically, to sync with folder in real time, to scan the user's computer for all audio files and add them to a local library, to edit metadata tags and save back to file. And more importantly, Songbird can connect your device to the cloud. On one hand, Songbird can sync your device (MTP/MSC/iPod) with the music library you have. On the other hand, Songbird support for Internet services like online radio streaming, digital music stores. Some Songbird addons can also mashup your media files with the web/cloud, for example, last fm/Google news, flicker and youtube. At last, all the features will be covered in the demo.

In a word, Songbird provides an open source media solution to desktop users, which also enables the cloud ability.

Language: English

Microblog: http://twitter.com/alfredpeng

Stormy Peters

Short Bio: Stormy Peters currently works as the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. Stormy joined the GNOME Foundation from OpenLogic where she set up their OpenLogic Expert Community. Previously, Stormy worked at Hewlett-Packard (HP) where she founded and managed the Open Source Program Office that is responsible for HP's open source strategy, policy and business practices. Stormy joined HP as a software engineer in the Unix Development Lab after graduating from Rice University with a B.A. in Computer Science.

Stormy is also an advisor for HFOSS, OpenSource World, IntraHealth Open and Open Source America, as well as founder and president of Kids on Computers, a nonprofit organization setting up computer labs in developing countries.

Stormy is a frequent keynote speaker on business aspects of Open Source Software at major conferences such as the Open Source Business Conference and the O'Reilly conferences, as well as government organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union. Stormy is involved in GNOME and free and open source software because it is changing the world and the community is full of smart, passionate people!

Projects: The World of GNOME


Talks at the GNOME.Asia: The GNOME project provides a free and open source desktop, accessible to all. Today this desktop is providing the foundation for the desktop of the future, whether it be a web device or a mobile device or a computing platform designed just for children. The GNOME community is made up of many dedicated individuals, companies and communities. It is run by direction from its contributors, Foundation members, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

Working with its core values like accessibility, internationalization and developer-friendly, the GNOME community is working effectively with its contributors and users as well as the companies and other organizations in the industry. Come learn about the GNOME ecosystem and how its community functions with individuals, companies and users, as well as how you can be a part of the GNOME community and help develop free and open source technologies that are building our future.

Language: English

Website: http://stormyscorner.com

Microblog: http://twitter.com/storming

Kha Phan Duy

Short Bio: Nhóm J2ME - Mekong Delta Aptech 1. Phan Duy Kha 2. Tô Bá Toàn 3. Trần Minh Nhựt Hoppies: Footbal, musics.

Projects: Lập Trình J2ME trên thiết bị di động - AudioPlayer

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: - Giới thiệu về J2ME - Trình bày Configuration và Midp. - Trình bày Package Mobile Media APIs (JSR135) - Các tính năng: o Support for Tone Generation, Playback, and Recording of Time-Based Media o Small Footprint o Options for Implementers o Subsettable o Extensible - Multimedia Processing: o Protocol Handling (Giao thức xử lý) o Content Handling(Xử lý nội dung) - Vòng đời của chương trình gồm 5 trạng thái: UNREALIZED , REALIZED , PREFETCHED , STARTED , and CLOSED. Quá trình chuyển đổi các phương thức trên gồm 6 phương thức: realize(), prefetch(), start(), stop(), deallocate(), close(). - Các gói MMAPIs: o javax.microedition.media o javax.microedition.media.control o javax.microedition.media.protocol - Các Class, Interface, Exception trong gói MMAPIs.

Language: Vietnamese

Jonathan Phillips

Short Bio: Jon Phillips is a community and business developer contributing to society and building meaningful relationships. In 2002 he helped launch the open source drawing tool, Inkscape and founded the Open Clip Art Library. From 2005 until 2008 he built Creative Commons’ community and business development projects and is currently a Creative Commons Fellow. Currently, he is growing the media company Fabricatorz with Cantocore Art Exhibitions, Laoban Open Soundsystems, and is recently assisting with an upcoming re-launch of Status.Net (Identi.ca). He is known for growing successful open communities globally, leading international business development in Asia (particularly China), and developing Open Marketing

Projects: What's Your StatusNet? (Updates like Identi.ca)

Nationality: USA

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: StatusNet is a hosted service for setting your status updates (aka, microblogging), is free software (licensed under the GNU AGPL), and is the software that powers the popular Autonomo.us Free Network Service, Identi.ca. This presentation looks broadly at these three parts of the StatusNet, how to setup YOUROWN.status.net, installing your own instance, and the company which supports the community. As a bonus, this talk introduces StatusNet's business and how to apply to under-represented free network services.

Language: English

Website: http://status.net

bui hoang phuc

Short Bio: bui hoang phuc student of bach khoa university works about ip camera with a group (3 people).

Projects: embedded linux

Nationality: viet nam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: ip camera using embedded linux.

Language: Vietnamese

Chanrithy Thim Rithy

Short Bio: EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Have been studying grade 12 at Chbar Oumpov High School Has successfully Passed grade 9 Certificate at Chbar Oumpov High School LANGUAGE: English Khmer

Projects: moonOS

Nationality: Cambodian

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: The talk will be about moonOS. People will learn about the goals of the lightweight OS. At the end of the talk they will know how to install and use the OS. moonOS is a complete and fully functional operative system based on the Enlightenment DR17 and on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. moonOS, a project started and designed by the Cambodian artist Chanrithy Thim (12rithy), is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine.

Language: English

Website: www.moonos.co.cc

Louis Suarez-Potts

Short Bio: Louis Suárez-Potts is the longtime Community Development Manager and Chair of the Community Council for OpenOffice.org; he joined Sun Microsystems in 2007 and has led the OpenOffice.org community since 2000. The lead and co-lead of several projects and the primary spokesperson and representative of OpenOffice.org, Suárez-Potts also represents the project regarding OpenDocument format (ODF) matters, and is on the OASIS ODF Adoption Technical Committee and is a member of the ODF Alliance. He speaks frequently on the ODF, OpenOffice.org, education and open source, and community development throughout the world. Suárez-Potts is currently working on several articles regarding open source development and education. He lives in Toronto and received his PhD from U.C. Berkeley.

Projects: Formats Matter: OpenOffice.org

Nationality: Canada

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: TBD, But broadly, on the a) importance of the format for the desktop and relevant applications, and how this affects government and consumer uptake and use both in the present and future. OpenOffice.org will be used as the primary example.

Language: English

Website: ooo-speak.blogspot.com/

Xuan Huy Tran

Short Bio: Sai Gon University, French Language Major Ubuntu forum member OpenOffice (writer&impress)

Projects: Customization Gnome Desktop

Nationality: Viet Nam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Change desktop background. Change build-in Theme and customize some parts in theme (i.e pointer, windows border, icons...). Addition some themes from Internet. Change font system and insert fonts from outside. Enable Compiz and customize some basic effects How to use Emerald. How to use Screenlets Manager and install few screenlets from internet. Install and use Avant Windows Navigator. Show several desktop screenshots.

Language: English

Thang Tran

Short Bio: Project Manager at CIREN. Years of experience in GIS field. Involved in development of Desktop GIS, Web GIS and GIS Portal in Vietnam.

Projects: Free Open Source Software for GIS in State Agencies

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Status and Achievements of Free Open Source Software for GIS (FOSS4G) usage in Vietnam State Agencies

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://www.ciren.gov.vn/

Việt Trần Hoàng

Short Bio: Trần Hoàng Việt - sinh năm 1978 Đơn vị công tác: Trung tâm Công nghệ Phần mềm Đại học Cần Thơ Chức vụ: Phó Trưởng Bộ phận Phần mềm - Thành viên sáng lập CLB MOSS Công việc: - Quản lý và triển khai Dự án phần mềm cho các Trường Đại học Cao Đẳng - Quản lý Câu lạc bộ MOSS (Mekong Open Source Software Club) - Giải thưởng Trí tuệ VN năm 2007 khu vực ĐBSCL - Giải thưởng Sao Khuê 2009 - Tham gia các hoạt động FOSS-Brigde, inWENT, và báo cáo tại các hội thảo nguồn mở tại các tỉnh ĐBSCL

Projects: Moss và tầm nhìn

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: - Introduction about MOSSCLUB - Moss for Mekong Open source software Community - Advantages and Disadvantages - Vision - Link to other clubs

Language: Vietnamese

Facebook: Trần Hoàng Việt

Truong Thy Tran Nguyen

Short Bio: I'm a PHP Developer in about 3 years. I'm using CSS, XHTML, some JavaScript frameworks as Prototype, jQuery, ExtJS .etc also. Now I'm a senior PHP developer in VNSolution (http://vnsolutions.net).

Projects: PHP Framework, what, when, why and which

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: About purpose of PHP framework, when you should use, which you should use .v.v.

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://ngonchan.vndev.net


Tuan Tran Van

Short Bio: Tuan began to play around with FOSS starting in 1998 with Redhat. Years after, he used Suse, Manrake, Mandriva and recently Ubuntu.

Tuan has worked in web development industry (design, coding and marketing) since 1998 and provides services to hundreds of companies in Viet Nam, USA, Europe, Australia... Technologies he mainly uses are FOSS, such as PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux...

Tuan personally uses Linux Desktop for ten years and has experiences in deployment of Linux Desktop for businesses for more than one year.

Projects: Advantages & Challenges of deployment Desktop FOSS into businesses in Viet Nam

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Tuan would like to share with you the advantages and challenges of deployment Desktop FOSS into businesses in Viet Nam, based on his practical experiences.

The advantages: Less cost than proprietary software; No licenses; Freedom to modify, distribute and use; Consume less resources; Run on old and weak machines; Not affected with Windows viruses; Fast bugs fix; Friendly and free support from community; An ever increasing community...

The challenges: Unfamiliar to most of office users; Many professional desktop applications not yet running on Linux; Many peripherals do not have drivers for Linux; Not many FOSS engineers around...

Language: Vietnamese

Website: www.kelangtang.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nhancorp

Microblog: www.twitter.com/nhancorp

Minh Huy Vo

Short Bio: I'm 4th year student of Information Technology faculty, University of Science, HCMC. I'm also one of managers of SaigonLUG and is a member of Ubuntu-vn community.

Projects: Remote Desktop trong Ubuntu

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: My talk is a discussion and guiding of Remote Desktop between Ubuntu PCs and between Ubuntu and Windows.

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://moriator.wordpress.net

Lam Vo Thai

Short Bio: CEO of Lactien JSC

Projects: FOSS for SMEs

Nationality: Viet nam

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: some information about using FOSS in Vietnam's SMEs

Language: Vietnamese

Quynh Vu Do

Short Bio: I have already posted my biographical data when I registered for a 25 minutes talk (Project MOST)

Projects: Installation Of Ubuntu on an USB drive

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: I will demonstrate how we can install Ubuntu from a live CD to an USB drive so that later on one can use that USB drive to boot any computer and have a portable Ubuntu system in the pocket. People who wants to do this needs to bring their own USB key, at least 4 GB drive.

I can also demonstrate how to create a live USB drive with persistent data to install Ubuntu on computers by booting from that USB drive. People who wants to do this needs to bring their own USB key (at least 1 GB, preferably 2 GB)

Language: Vietnamese

Website: http://hanoi.center-linux.org/

Facebook: vdquynh

Ray Wang

Short Bio: Ray Wang, a FLOSS fan since 1999 and became a real GNU/Linux user since 2005. He mostly participate in GNU and GNOME communities, and was a member of GNOME foundation since 2008. In his spare time, he has been taking part in Beijing Linux/GNOME User Group. Currently, he is a build and QA engineer of mono accessibility project, works for Novell.

Projects: GNOME Accessibility & Automation Testing

Nationality: China

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Accessibility is very important for the people those who have problems to use computer, and it's also the infrastructure of automation testing. From the topic, you will get a glance at what is accessibility, and how to do automation test by using GNOME accessibility.

Language: English

Website: http://blogs.gnome.org/raywang

Microblog: http://twitter.com/raywang

Thomas Wanhoff

Short Bio: I was a journalist back in Germany, but switched from writing to managing the online department. Later I developed Video and audio for a major german newspaper website. Now I am a IT-Consultant, trying to help companies to find better software solutions for the internal communications and workflows. I have a strong focus on collaboration and project management.

I started podcasting as one of the first people in Germany back in 2004 and since 2005 I publish a german science podcast with 4000 Downloads each Episode as well as a weekly podcast for Scienceblogs.de. One of my projects were pre-conference podcasts for the German conference DLD as well as podcasts for the IT exhibition Cebit. I also did a lot of workshops about podcasting. http://wanhoffs-vietnam.blogspot.com http://wanhoff.com

Projects: Podcasting with Linux

Nationality: German

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Producing: What software is available? How to do it?

Listening: How to subscribe to podcasts Avaliable Linux podcasts

Language: English

Website: http://wanhoffs-vietnam.blogspot.com

Microblog: http://twitter.com/thomaswanhoff

Ming-Ting Wei

Short Bio: Ming-Ting Wei is an adorable Taiwanese university student, and is currently working on lxde.org project and maintaining its website.

Projects: How to make your project's website and wiki i18n'd

Nationality: Taiwan

Talks at the GNOME.Asia: Internationalization (or i18n) is necessary if you want to write a program for the people on the village Earth, and so is the website. In this talk, I will introduce the importance of the website i18n, and talk about our i18n experience on lxde.org website using Drupal, MediaWiki and phpBB.

Language: English

Website: lxde.org

Facebook: medicalwei

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