2009 GNOME.Asia Summit Call for participation

The second GNOME.Asia Summit takes place in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam, from 20-22 Novemer 2009. The Gnome Summit is an exciting event gathering many contributors from the Free and Open Source desktop world. Please join us and participate! This document serves as the formal invitation to participate in the summit.

The theme of the summit is 'Go GNOME- Free Your Desktop' which refers to the primary goals of the GNOME.Asia Summit, spreading the knowledge of GNOME and Free and Open Source software across Asia, and building a vibrant, thriving community around it.

The format for the GNOME.Asia Summit is based on 1 hour blocks. You should expect approximately 45 minutes of lecture with 15 minutes of questions and discussion. Please take into consideration any time you will need for preparation. There will be around 40 schedule slots we will be filling with talks, panels, BOF sessions and demonstrations.

Topic areas of interest include, and are not limited to:

Localization & Internationalization Accessibility Mobile platforms and thin clients GNOME Communities GNOME library and application development Desktop deployments

In short, any area of GNOME and related projects that you feel passionately about is a great area for you to speak about!

To be considered for inclusion as a speaker at the GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 please send an email to asia-summit-list@gnome.org with a short abstract about your topic. The submitted abstract should include a brief overview of your desired topic, and an introduction of yourself and what connection you have with your topic. The reviewing team will be evaluating the entries based on the submitted abstract and the open spots in the speaking schedule.

The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2009. Once your abstract is selected you will need to create an account on the summit website and update your topic information there, along with some biographical information.

All interested contributors are highly encouraged to send in their abstract as this is going to be a great event!


GNOME.Asia Summit committee

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