General Guide for Apps

Best Practices

One job for master and MRs, mutliple schedules jobs per week/day.

Runners set up for developers

Shared runner is an old donated machine. It's medium sized. Only one job in parallel.

GNOME and Infrastructure groups have fast runners, unlimited parallel jobs. MRs from forks are not part of this due to GitLab bug, GitLab plans to work on it.

GNOME group have an additional donated cloud server of fast performance and medium size.

There are donated MacOSX and Microsoft runners by individuals and individuals in companies for specific projects they work on. One of the shared runners for Windows has been kindly made available as shared runner, feel free to ask Creiter if you need to set up a Windows build.

Runners admin set up & funding

Digital Ocean droplets, "CPU Optimized Droplets", 16 GB 8 vCPUs 100 GB 6 TB $0.238/hr. Minimum payment is 1 hour. One droplet per GitLab job.

AWS. Funded by AWS credits ($3000/year) + GitLab Inc covering the rest (thanks!).

A medium cloud server for GNOME group from Canonical/KenVanDine (thanks!).

A hardware old medium sized machine donated by Canonical, the shared runner (thanks!).

GNOME + Infrastructure do an average of 2500 jobs per month.

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