Creating a new git repository

Creating a new git repository in is a pretty straightforward action. Depending on whether you already have a GNOME Account (and are part of the GNOME group as a direct consequence) or not, the instructions differ.

Users with a GNOME Account

0. Project Prerequisites

First, read and make sure your software matches the Projects/Prerequisites. If your software does not fulfill all those requirements, it should not be hosted on

1. Creation of the repository

Once you have made sure your project is compliant to the prerequisites outlined before, please open an issue and make sure the following information is provided as part of the request:

  1. Repository name, which must be lowercase letters, digits, and '-'. (With an exception to allow uppercase for names starting with "perl-")
  2. Original repository source: external repositories hosting (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.) or new repository in case the project has to be started from scratch

2. Importing branches from your local repository

You can now push the branches and tags you want into your new repository. If you have a local repository with exactly the tags and branches you want (use git tag -l and git branch to list your tags and branches), then you can import all branches and tags with:

git remote add origin
git push origin --all

Check to make sure that you are happy with the contents of your repository (You can browse it on the web at<repository-name>.)

Users without a GNOME Account

Please first check your project meets the Projects/Prerequisites. If all these requirements are met, please open an issue against the GitLab Infrastructure project:

  • The requested repository name (i.e. 'mynewproject').
  • A brief description of what the software does.
  • Links to project homepage and download page.
  • Whether you consider your project meets the Projects/Prerequisites.

Your project should be approved within a few days. If the sysadmins are busy, it can take a few weeks. Feel free to ask what's happening with your request on #sysadmin, but don't pester.

Some other ways forward for other project issues:

Inclusion in the World group

If your project is growing and you would like your project to be included in a more visible and decentralized GitLab group, you can create a request to add your project to the World group. To do so, file a ticket on GNOME's GitLab Infrastructure project with your ask and summary for the inclusion and we will review it.

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