Git repositories

This page will serve as an index of information related to using git with GNOME projects.

Basic Usage

Learn how to get GNOME code and even contribute back at Git/Developers.

Web view

There's a publicly accessible web view of GNOME git repositories at:


Translators should read the Translation Project Git HowTo

GNOME Guides

  • Working with patches - step-by-step guide for creating, submitting, reviewing and committing patches in GNOME

  • Help - did you get a message from Git when trying to do something?

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for common problems

  • Tips and tricks - Make your life with Git easier

  • New repository - importing a Git repository into

  • Commit message - GNOME's preferred format for commit messages

  • ChangeLog - How to generate GNU-style ChangeLog files from commit messages

  • Tools - GUI viewers for Git repositories, IDEs, etc.

Books, Articles, Blogs, and Other Resources

Linking to Git commits within this wiki

Use the following syntax:

  <<GnomeGit(project, commitid)>>



Will be shown as: commit 6ade96 in libsocialweb

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