What is this about

A Matrix instance can publish a directory, a list of rooms that instance wants to highlight.

The gnome.org directory is the default directory for people with accounts on the GNOME homeserver (have a Matrix ID ending with :gnome.org)

Users from other instances (for example with a MatrixID ending with :matrix.org) can browse GNOME.org’s directory too!

From Element

1. Open Directory.png

Click on the compass next to the search bar to open the directory dialogue

2. Add a server.png

Click the arrow, in the resulting drop down chose “Add a new server...” and enter gnome.org

3. GNOME directory.png

You can now browse the GNOME.org directory

From Fractal

1. Open Rooms Directory.png

Click on the “+” button and chose “Room directory”

2. Select other Server.png

Select the “Other Homeserver” radio box, and enter gnome.org in the entry

3. Enjoy GNOME directory.jpg

You can now browse GNOME.org’s main rooms

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