Roundtable | Summer of Code

Week 6 (June 25th - July 1st)

Date: June 26, 2017 / June 30, 2017

Attendees: Yash, Kaushik, Georges

(Also available in GNOME Etherpad)

Goals Of The Week




Yash Singh

Parse recurrence rules

A patch, perhaps?


Design Recurrence 'drop-down' in Edit-Dialog

A patch, perhaps?


Rohit Kaushik

Implement function to load task and tasks

Patch implementing load tasks and list, pushed to master


Implement incremental task management

Patch modifying functions to do incremental loading




  • Goal #1
    • Make GcalRecurrence struct ~work~

    • Perform rrules → GcalRecurrence and GcalRecurrence → rrules conversion easily.

    • Make a gcal_recurrence_build_rrule () function which builds the rrule/GcalRecurrence
    • Make sure not to dive into more complex recurrences than the above-mentioned
  • Goal #2
    • (No plans)


  • Goal #1
    • The major work left is patch going through review cycle
    • Plan improvements with mentor then work on them and patch enters review cycle
  • Goal #2
    • Build a plan
    • One question is do I just reload the task/lists or update the changes with every sync calls?
    • Since we will be making calls to see changes at regular interval
    • Updating changes would requires function to detect these changes (basically comparisons).
    • Once agreed:
      • 1) Read api.
      • 2) Implement.
      • 3) Test
      • 4) Fix and then enter review cycle.

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