Roundtable | Summer of Code

Week 3 (June 18th - June 24th)

Date: June 19, 2017 / June 23, 2017

Attendees: Yash, Kaushik, Georges

(Also available in GNOME Etherpad)

Goals Of The Week




Yash Singh

Implement simple recurrences

Function that assigns the suitable recurrence rules


Rohit Kaushik

Work on reviews for 3 Todoist patches

3 patches pushed to master branch


Add function to load tasks in GtdProviderTodoist

Patches fetch tasks and lists




  • Goal #1
    • Read the "recurrence rule" related EDS docs and understand RRules
    • Start with 'Daily', which I believe would be the easiest to implement


  • Goal #1
    • Updated 2 of the patches already, if there are some more changes will discuss with Georges
  • Goal #2
    • First read todoist docs to know how loading of tasks works and what request need to sent.
    • Read LibSoup , since we will require this to send POST requests.

    • I know the response is a JSON response, so read the JSON docs to learn if providers function that can parse the response..
    • Discuss the implementation plan with you.
    • Implement.
    • Enter review cycle

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