Roundtable | Summer of Code

Week 1 (May 21th - May 28th)

Planning Session

Date: May 22th, 2017

Attendees: Kaushik, Yash, Georges

(Also available in GNOME Etherpad)

Goals Of The Week




Rohit Kaushik

Finish the Todo.txt work

Patches implementing the rearchitecture of the provider.


Create a Todoist plugin skeleton

Patches adding the stub files and preferences panel.


Learn about GOA codebase

Class diagram of the GNOME Online Accounts codebase.


Yash Singh

Write 2 posts

A blog post introducing the project, and another one about 'has-recurrence'


Add a new modify/remove recurrent events dialog

Patches adding the new dialog, and modifying GcalManager.




  1. I have to add the necessary functions to support the 3 options listed above, that'd require more digging into the Evolution API
  2. a) GcalEditDialog b) GcalEvent, possibly create a new dialog - GcalRecurrenceDialog or something


  1. Implement the rearchitectured GtdProviderTodoTxt

  2. Add all the necessary files in plugins/todoist/*, edit src/ and etc
  3. Create a GtdPluginTodoist class

  4. Create a GtdTodoistPreferences class

  5. Create a basic outline for preferences panel and then we can improve upon them
  6. Write a class diagram & documentation about GOA classes

Challenges & Obstacles


  1. I have to understand the link between recurrent events. This basically means that If an event is repeating 10 times, how are these 10 instances connected to each other
  2. We may also have to see how these 10 recurring events' links are different from other recurrent events (like 5 instances of some other event)
  3. All the work relies upon the friendly functions present in the Evo API. By friendly functions I mean, those functions that will allow me to implement these 'targeted changes' (subsequent events etc.)


  1. I don't think I will face difficulty in Todo.txt work
  2. GOA makes use of DBus which I am very new to

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