This task belongs to the Website/Infrastructure and Local and Engagement Teams

Pelican website is located at

The website for a specific GUADEC is at The domain itself will be a landing page for all GUADECs.

Setting Up

The previous year's instance needs to be archived.

Usually the instance from the previous year is simply copied over. You can then unpublish all the old content, create a new banner based on the lasted group photo, and add some initial information about next GUADEC so that the location (maybe not the dates at that point) can be announced.


The website should contain all resources relevant to attendees. The wiki should be reserved for organisation (which may include volunteer management, though some of this will happen through the Registration System).

In particular the website needs to contain the following information:

  • List of sponsors (in accordance to contracts)
  • Information for potential sponsors (sponsorship brochure?)
  • Keynotes including bio of speakers
  • Schedule
  • Announcements/call for papers
  • Travel information (how to get to the Hotel/Venue from the airport/in the city, available tickets)
  • Map with all locations (Venue, Social Events, other important sites e.g. tram stations)
  • Information about registration (we do not announce the availability of Sponsorship)
  • Local culture (e.g. store opening times, credit card acceptance, money exchange)


You should have up a couple of people responsible for updating the website. This may or may not be the same people that also make sure that e.g. announcements go out through all the available channels (../Promotion).

Be careful to always make sure that you have a license for used images and content and have correctly labelled these.

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