Videoing requires a lot of attention during, before, and after the conference. You need someone dedicated to getting everything done throughout all stages of the conference.

Before the conference:

  • Ensure the HW works
  • Setup the Hardware, test the audio recording (can you hook into the audio system?)
  • Ensure you have volunteers
  • Train volunteers on video handling

During the conference:

  • Ideally one volunteer per room just for the video
  • Video needs to be started/stopped for every talk
  • Ensure good audio quality:
    • Speaker needs to talk into the microphone
    • Speaker should repeat all questions (especially if it was asked without a mic)
    • Audience needs to be quiet if you are not using the microphone audio for the video
  • Collect the raw material
  • Ensure batteries get charged
  • Ensure enough storage is available for the cameras

After the conference:

  • Edit the videos
    • Adjust start/end time
    • Post-process audio (may not be required)
  • Add title frames
  • Publish the videos over the different channels:
    • GNOME Infrastructure (talk to sysadmins)
    • Youtube (GNOME and/or GUADEC account)
    • Announcements through the GUADEC and GNOME channels (Engagement Team)

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