GNOME has some hardware, see below for the full list.

Videos should be published on the GNOME and GUADEC Youtube accounts, and at

If you record videos yourself, you need to have someone managing the videoing, editing and uploading.

Often there are other conferences or organizations that have resources for videoing. In Germany for example the CCC Video Operations Center ( will assist if they can. The CCC VOC Team can for example:

  • Provide all required HW (you need insurance)
  • Live stream video
  • Upload to their own video site

They will likely need:

  • Insurance (Hardware)
  • Travel assistance/accommodation
  • Coverage of other costs (e.g. shipping)
  • Volunteers to help
  • Time for setup/tear down (setup the day before)
  • Storage space close by (they will ship you a lot of hardware!)
  • Artwork
  • Schedule (in a parseable form)

Hardware list

All recording equipment is kept with EkaterinaGerasimova unless otherwise noted.


The cameras are Panasonic HC-W850 cameras. Here is the owner's manual and operating manual.

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