Travel Instructions for Attendees

Remember that attendees are not locals and will have little to no previous knowledge of how the (local) transport system functions in your city. We also have a number of attendees who quite likely have never been in a foreign country or even the EU before. Because of this it makes sense to be quite specific about what to look out for.

  • Point out possible pitfalls/issues, e.g.:
    • diversions at the time of the conference
    • naming schemes that might be confusing (e.g. in Karlsruhe "S1" vs. "1" being S-Bahn and Tram respectively)
  • Explain how the ticket system works
  • Suggest routes
  • Give instructions from the airport to the city/accommodation
  • Create a map with the important points (see below)
  • Link to exact locations on openstreetmap from the website (optionally also other services like google)

    • e.g. the reception of the student dorm in Manchester was hard to find because they have no signs


It can be really helpful to have a map of important locations. A decent and free way of doing such a map is An example is attached.

  • Provide a geojson and KML file for download (can be exported from
  • Be careful to include the copyright notice if you screenshot and embed the image on the website (an alternative is embedding openstreetmap, do not embed google maps as this is a non-free service)

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