The team will make or break the conference.

There is a local team that host the GUADEC and the international team. The international team must have 1 coordinator, about 5 highly involved people and around 10 clearly committed contributors in the early stages of the planning process. Having board members in this list will be helpful. Make sure all of them survive until the end of the conference.

The local team is responsible for placing the bid, getting the venue, finding accommodation, preparing travel guides and all other things that are specific to the location. Local team should be 10 people with a core of at least 3, who are dedicated to the organizing effort.

During the conference you will need 50 people or more. You can do it with less, but you will be unproductively stressed and you will miss the best aspects of the conference. At least 50% should be locals to play safe. You might count here the contributors mentioned above, although many of them will decide that they have helped enough and will want to enjoy the conference.

Some of the volunteers will help intensively until they will decide to attend the sessions and take a rest. Some of them will pop-up from time to time and you will need to chase them sometimes. Some initial volunteers will vanish and some new volunteers will join during the conference.

You probably will have the people needed, but your problem will be the transmission of know-how about the dozens of small tasks combined with the quick responsiveness you will need during the event. Intense documentation and decentralized leadership are the only cures known. Plan all this beforehand, if only with a couple of emails and a real meeting right before the conference. Effective project management improvisation during GUADEC is pretty hard.

Your GUADEC team page

This should help you start your GUADEC/<year>/Team page on the wiki:

General emails about GUADEC should go to <<MailTo(guadec-list AT SPAMFREE gnome DOT org)>>

Quick questions can be asked on #guadec on

== Who is coordinating what ==

The coordinator is from the GUADEC team unless otherwise noted. The coordinator does not necessarily need to be a local person.

|| '''Task'''                            || '''Coordinators''' ||
|| Team Coordinator                      ||                    ||
|| Board Contact                         || Board              ||
|| [[../Accommodation|Accommodation]]    ||                    ||
|| [[../Accounting]]                     ||                    ||
|| [[../Artwork|Artwork]]                ||                    ||
|| [[../Badges|Badges]]                  ||                    ||
|| [[../Budget|Budget]]                  ||                    ||
|| [[../Catering|Catering/Lunch]]        ||                    ||
|| [[../CoHosting|Co-Hosting]] (or Co-locating) || Local and Board  ||
|| [[../Contract|Contract]]              || Local and Board    ||
|| [[../Equipment|Equipment]]            ||                    ||
|| [[../Events|Events]]                  ||                    ||
|| [[../Hackfests|Hackfests/BoFs]]       ||                    ||
|| [[../Keynotes|Keynotes]]              ||                    ||
|| [[../LegalEntity|Legal Entity]]       || Local              ||
|| [[../LocalOutreach|Local Outreach]]   ||                    ||
|| [[../Merchandise|Merchandise]]        ||                    ||
|| [[../Papers|Papers Team]]             ||                    ||
|| [[../Press|Press]]                    ||                    ||
|| [[../Registration|Registration]]      ||                    ||
|| [[../Sponsors|Sponsors]]              || Local and Board    ||
|| [[../Venue|Venue]]                    ||                    ||
|| [[../Video|Video/streaming]]          ||                    ||
|| [[../Visa|Visa]]                      ||                    ||
|| [[../Volunteers|Volunteers]]          ||                    ||
|| [[../Website|Website]]                ||                    ||
|| Group photo                           ||                    ||

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