Keynote Selection Overview

Keynotes are an excellent way for GNOME community members to get insight into the outer world. There is usually a keynote per core day.

Local keynoters have preference since it's less expensive to get them to attend the conference.

Keynote speakers are chosen by the local team. Their travel is paid for from the GUADEC Budget and not the general travel sponsorship budget.

Tips on how to recruit keynotes

Step 1

Create a wiki page where you list keynote nominations. Add instructions so that the larger GNOME community can help you recruit (see section below)

Step 2

Enlist the GNOME Engagement team's help. They can help you spread the word about nominations to the larger community.

Sample information to include in your wiki page

What makes a good keynote?

  • Good public speaking skills
  • Interesting topic that might engage newcomers to the GNOME community (e.g. topic goes beyond GNOME and helps bring in new ideas)

How to Nominate a Keynote Speaker

Send an email to with the subject "2016 GUADEC Keynote Nomination: [speaker's name]" and the following:


  • Name of nominated keynote speaker
  • Location of nominated speaker
  • Topic of talk
  • Why would this be a good keynote speaker and does the speaker know that you've nominated him or her?

If you have it

  • Keynote’s contact information
  • Link to talks they have done in the past

Note: All ideas for the keynote are welcome. If you know of an organization doing cool things that you think we should consider reaching out to, just substitute the information above with the organization's information and give as many details as possible. Self-nominations are very welcome.

Other Tips

Check last years suggestions from ../../2015/PotentialSpeakers. Include nominations in the following format:

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