It can make sense for the GUADEC team to use a legal entity for handling funds in Europe.

We have used a number of legal entities in previous years including:

  • KDE e.V. (Germany)
  • LiLo (France)

  • FFKP (Sweden)
  • LinuxTag e.V. (Germany, for 2016) (disbanded after GUADEC, work continued by German Unix User Group (GUUG) e.V.)

  • Club de Cacharreo (Spain, for 208)

See guadec-agreement-template.odt as a starting point for contracts with a legal entity. The document uses variables which you should update. The clauses in brackets are most likely to be optional/unneeded. Do use that document and add/remove clauses as needed rather than making a new document. The final document will need to be approved by the Foundation board and signed by the president.

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