The GNOME Foundation board of directors is responsible for calling for GUADEC bids.

For many years, the announcement about the next GUADEC location was made at a GUADEC. In 2012, two bids were chosen, one for 2013 and one for 2014 with the intention of announcing locations two years in advance to simplify venue searches. By 2014, it was clear that choosing a location two years ahead of time was difficult (the teams had difficulty committing their time two years in advance).

Talk to the engagement team before calling for bids to coordinate engagement.

Call for bids

When: March-April, post release

Announce: the call for bids should be sent to foundation-announce mailing list and coordinate with the engagement team to announce and follow up elsewhere.

Target deadline: May/June

Key points:

  • Prepare by encouraging likely candidates to bid
  • Invite the bidders to talk to the board and previous organisers
  • Encourage bidders to attend GUADEC this year and take part in the organising


Review bids

When: as soon as the deadline closes

Key points:

Announce the location

When: at GUADEC

Where: on foundation-announce mailing list



From past experiences:

  • calls 2 years in advance are too early because it is difficult to keep the enthusiasm going for that long

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