GUADEC: How to bid

Before you organise a GUADEC, you need to submit a bid. Your bid should demonstrate that the location is suitable for GUADEC, that there is a good local team and that you have thought about the budget. You should take the check list into consideration before writing your bid.

Once you finish your bid, you need to submit it to the Foundation and the board via the foundation-announce and board-list mailing lists.

Suggested structure

  1. Introductory paragraph about the location
  2. Local team
  3. Local support
    • GNOME community
    • Other groups and communities
    • Government and industry
  4. Sponsorship (without this, GUADEC will not happen) - the Sponsorship Committee can provide you with help
  5. Venue overview

    • Dates
    • A detailed description of the venue, preferably with photos
  6. Travel
    • Airports and connections
      • Direct connections to where?
      • How many changes to major airports in North American, South America and India?
    • Train
    • Bus
    • Parking
    • Local transport
  7. Accommodation
    • Low cost options for the majority of the attendees

    • Comfortable options (air conditioning, close to the venue) for those who need or want it
  8. Dining

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch near the venue (cafeteria are ideal because of serving times)
    • Dinner (varying cost restaurants)
  9. Events
    • Registration
    • Football game
    • Evening events
    • Touristy events
  10. Budget

  11. Bibliography and credits

Past and current bids

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