You'll need:

  • the group photo from the year before to put on the website

  • a skyline of the host city in vector form to be used as a base for other artwork pieces
  • an avatar format icon to use on twitter, most likely derived from the above skyline
  • attendee materials
    • badges for blogs ("I am attending GUADEC" and "I am talking at GUADEC")
    • presentation themes

    • Posters for outreach at e.g. universities
    • posters to put up at social events and venues
    • banners to go on stage, with sponsor logos on them (which sponsorship logos go on the banners should be detailed in the sponsorship brochure)
  • general signs with room names, arrows to give directions, price lists for merchandise, and so on

A large collection of designs was created for GUADEC 2017. It is recommended to reuse them!

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