Intern lightning talks!

* Name, mentor, program (GSoC, Outreachy), topic

If you are having issues adding your name to the list below, please add it to and the organizers will add you to the list.

  • Name: Sumaid, Mentor: Jean Felder, Program: GSoC, Topic:'MusicBrainz Integration with GNOME Music'

  • Name: Mayank Sharma, Mentor: Ondrej Holy, Program: GSoC, Topic: 'Improving Google Drive supports in GVfs'
  • Name: Srestha Srivastava, Mentor: Felipe Borges and Fabiano Fidencio, Program: GSoC, Topic: 'Improving GNOME Boxes express installation by adding support to tree based installations'
  • Name: Ravgeet Dhillon, Mentor: Emmanuele Bassi, Program: GSoC, Topic: 'Reworking the GTK Website'
  • Name: Yatin Maan, Mentor: Alex Băluț, Thibault Saunier, Program: GSoC-19, GSoC-18, Topic: 'Reworking the Effects UI and Adding Scaled Proxies to Pitivi'
  • Name: Lișiță Andrei, Mentor: Alexander Mikhaylenko, Program: GSoC, Topic: 'Savestates Manager for GNOME Games'

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