Rust + GTK + GStreamer Workshop

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In this workshop we will go through the basics of using the GTK UI toolkit and the GStreamer multimedia framework from the Rust programming language. A small webcam desktop application will be written during the course of the workshop to capture video from the webcam, take snapshots and record videos; possibly with effects.

If you’re interested in either of the technologies, or generally how to use GNOME technologies from Rust, then this is the workshop for you.



Please add your name below or send a mail to to be added.

People who are planning on or are expected to attend:

  1. Zeeshan Ali
  2. Vivia Nikolaidou
  3. Tim-Philipp Müller
  4. Nirbheek Chauhan
  5. Eleni Maria Stea
  6. Phil Chimento
  7. Lubosz Sarnecki
  8. Daiki Ueno
  9. Pavlos Georgiadis
  10. YourNameHere

Max participants: 17


  • Basic Rust knowledge is not a requirement for this workshop but participants should have some programming experience in another language.
  • The participants should bring a laptop with a webcam, running Linux and (ideally) a recent version of GNOME, or even better pair with another participant on their laptop.
    • - If your laptop does not have a webcam, that's fine too. We can use a test video source.
  • To save time, it is recommended that you use your Linux distro's package manager to install development files + documentation for gtk3 and gstreamer1 (**note**: do not install gstreamer 0.10).
    • - If you do not know how to, that's fine, we'll help you with that at the workshop.

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