Newcomers Workshop

See the hacking/BoF days page for time and location information.


The Newcomers Workshop aims at helping newcomers to make their first contribution to GNOME. In the workshop we navigate step-by-step the Newcomers tutorial and promote the meeting between new contributors and application maintainers that can help newcomers to solve their first bugs.



People who are planning on or are expected to attend:

If you are a maintainer interested in promoting your application, it is a good idea to participate in the workshop and help to guide newcomers.


  • Bring your own computer to hack on.
  • Update your system and install the latest Flatpak runtimes and SDK
    • See to setup Flatpak in your system

    • Use flatpak install to obtain the latest org.gnome.Platform//master, org.gnome.Sdk//master, and org.freedesktop.Platform//master

    • There will be flash-drives with the runtimes/SDK available in the workshop for those that didn't download (if you have any spare flash-drives, please bring it with the runtimes/SDKs in it to help others).



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