GTask BoF

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Several thread safety problems were discovered affecting g_task_run_in_thread(). Fixing them is not going to be easy. We will use this BoF to brainstorm a solution.


Also the complete-in-idle flag and warning if finalised before returning.


  • Review the problems
  • Explore possible solutions and implementation challenges
  • Find consensus for a better future


Anyone interested in fixing g_task_run_in_thread().



People who are planning on or are expected to attend:

Remote attendance

There may be a way for specific people to attend remotely. Contact PhilipWithnall if you’re interested.

Problem Statement

  • Task data can be improperly destroyed in worker thread
  • Source object can be improperly destroyed in worker thread
  • What about task result? Task error?
  • Blog post

  • GLib bug

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