Women's Dinner at GUADEC 2018

The ninth annual women's dinner will take place at GUADEC 2018 on Sunday, July 8th.

Location: Jauja taberna, Calle Lentisco, 2, 04007 Almería
Time: 9PM

About the event

Women (cis and trans) and genderqueer people are invited to attend if interested. Having a women's event provides an additional opportunity for women in the community to meet each other, and establish a connection and a comfortable environment for discussing common issues. In particular, in a community with few women contributors, women with any experience level often enjoy knowing and having an informal mentorship relationship with women who are more established as contributors. A women's event is a catalyst for making such connections. You can learn more about why women in free software find events for women valuable in this article.


Please RSVP for the Women's Dinner by adding your name here.

  1. Rosanna Yuen

  2. Meg Ford

  3. Nuritzi Sanchez

  4. Christel Dahlskjaer

  5. María F. Bonillo

  6. Louisa Bisio
  7. Ana huelamo
  8. Lisette Silva
  9. Robin Tafel
  10. Nicole Faerber
  11. Andrea Schäfer
  12. Petra Kirchner

NOTE: Your RSVP will help us get a sense of how much interest there is for this event, so please add your name if you're interested in attending. If you can't edit the wiki for whatever reason, please email Rosanna (zana at gnome dot org) or Nuritzi (nuritzi at gnome dot org) with your RSVP.

Dietary Restrictions

If you have any dietary restrictions, let us know by adding them in this section:

  • Preference for vegetarian options
  • Gluten-free

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