2018-02-08 meeting minutes


Kat, Ismael, Alexandre, Nuritzi, Florian, Ben



Moving kanban from Taiga to Gitlab

  • Taiga is FLOSS so compatible with our aims
  • Gitlab supports a Kanban board which we host ourselves so would be more compatible with keeping everything in house

Do we move from Taiga to Gitlab for Kanban?

  • +1 Kat, Nuritzi, Alexandre, Florian
  • Abstains: Ismael
  • Vote passes

State of the conference software and workplan for setting it up for 2018

Stick to regcfp for 2018, evaluate new software fro 2019?

  • + 1 Kat, Florian, Ben, Nuritzi
  • Abstains: Alexandre, Ismael
  • Vote passes

look for a definitive timeline

Some dates suggested by Ismael in previous email:

  • CfP opens: March 1st
  • Registration opens: March 1st
  • CfP closes: April 29th
  • Talk confirmations: May 6-8th
  • Talks announced: May 10th
  • No vote, consensus reached and proposal accepted

vote image/logo (see Taiga #6)

Two alternatives:

Choose social events

Ismael proposals:

  • Flamenco show, which could be done at the University campus on 6th (saturday) or 7th (sunday)
  • evening welcome party, at the residence, Thursday 4th?
  • Alcazaba castle: interactive visit + medieval combact reenactment + outdoor picnic/dinner, evening 6th?
  • Western show + outdoor barbacoa dinner, in a Western movie set, at the Tabernas desert, evening 7th?
  • Beach party, eveing 5th?

at workshops:

  • active tourism activities


  • Nuritzi asks for teambuilding activites
  • Teambuilding can be part of football game/other games/BBQ/beach party


  • Thursday night: pre-registration
  • Friday: Football + games + outdoor food:
    • +1 Kat, Alexandre, Florian, Ben, Nuritzi
  • Saturday: castle visit or western show
    • Easier to leave early from castle because western show is out of town
    • castle visit, at the city: Florian, Kat
    • western show at Tabernas: Alexandre
    • Abstains: Ben, Ismael
    • So: let's go to castle.
  • Sunday: no organised event on Sunday night
    • This is just about giving people downtime
    • Pros: people have had time to get to know each other and can break up into smaller groups for a quiet night
    • Cons: no organised event
    • Do we have no event on Sunday?
      • +1 Kat, Alexandre, Florian, Ben
      • -1 Ismael, Nuritzi
  • Monday: no plans yet
  • Tuesday: no plans yet
  • Wednesday:
    • hike somewhere (free)
    • Kat wants to go horseriding! - DONKEYS!!!


  • Ismael to prepare activities budget

code of conduct

  • New CoC is not ready
  • Should not be forced onto organising team after the bid has been accepted
  • Agree to keep the current code of conduct if no other bigger news to reconsider.

about CFP

  • Kat to take responsability on CFP text


  • Action: Kat to send mail asking for proposals for keynotes


Next meeting Feb 15th, at 18:00 UTC


  • Nuritzi to move kanban from Taiga to Gitlab
  • ?? to set up regcfp for GUADEC 2018
  • Ismael to ask artist of logo design 1 if they would be willing to make this design with sharper edges, to fit the style of the previous design
  • Ismael to ask artist of logo design 2 if they would consider flattening the design
  • Ismael to prepare activities budget
  • Ismael to call for next meeting
  • Kat to send mail asking for proposals for keynotes

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