2017-11-25 meeting minutes

Attendees: Kat, Ismael, Florian


Has to be July: there is no restrictions on dates here(Taiga: #2)


  • - GNOME.Asia in August - Neil on holiday from June to 15th July (can attend on 16th for adboard/board meetings) - Fedora conference (suggested to be held after GUADEC, probably something like Mon-Fri)

Kat suggests 6-8th or 13-15th for core days.

ACTION: Kat to ask the board to pick between 6-11th and 13-18th July and confirm in week 28.

Cost of space

  • - Two ways to make reservation: via internal channels or external channels (maybe 10% difference in budget). - Ismael: following internal channels is taking too long. - In any case the increased costs woul be not decisive, compared with the rest of the budget. - Proposal: start following external process, then try to switch to internal once the process is going.

ACTION: Ismael to share draft budget with guadec-organizaton list (Taiga: #10)

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