Car sharing from Málaga airport to Almería

Some of you had found traveling to Almería through Málaga airport could be cheaper and more convenient. As said at traveling section of the website there are several options for going to Almería by road. Some of you indeed had expressed your plan to hire a car for going and coming to Almería or maybe keeping the car while attending GUADEC.

This section is for people can get together and share the travel. Please add yourself to any of the lists and contact the person of your interest:

From Málaga airport to Almería:

  • name (irc nick, email address), (looking for | offering), date, ETA (time of arrival) to Málaga - optional additional information
  • ...
  • Philip Chimento (ptomato, firstname lastname, looking for 02-07 evening (flight arriving 20:10). Would also share a taxi.

From Almería (CIVITAS residence) to Málaga airport:

  • name (irc nick, email address), (looking for | offering), date, ETD (time of departure) from Málaga - optional additional information
  • ...

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