"What is a GNOME app?" BoF

We really need to get some clear rules in place for which apps

  • are part of the GNOME project
  • get to be in the GNOME and World groups on Gitlab
  • get Gitlab CI
  • are part of GNOME release notes, marketing etc.
  • get resources for hackfests etc.

There are currenty some vague guidelines, but many core apps don't follow them in detail, and often the process is pretty random. We should fix that, in order to make it easier to welcome projects and developers from the adjacent community into GNOME, and get a clearer structure for our exisiting projects.

We should also consider about GNOME-adjacent projects and developers from the community (Fragments, Lollypop, Tilix, etc.), and if/how a potential new inclusion process applies to them.

It could be interesting to talk about libs too, not only end user apps.


  • Engagement/People interested in engagement
  • People working on GNOME-adjacent apps
  • Everyone else who cares about this :)


  • Tobias Bernard


People who are planning on or are expected to attend:

  • Tobias Bernard
  • Julian Sparber
  • JordanPetrdis

  • Carlos Soriano
  • Michael Catanzaro
  • Jakub Steiner

Blog Posts

Blog posts about the session:

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