Tracker BoF

See the hacking/BoF days page for time and location information.



Topics related to the Tracker project, including:

  • review of open bugs and merge requests
  • strategies for running private Tracker instances
  • improving the test suite
  • reduce the need to reset the database (some background)

  • how to migrate, backup/restore, etc. user-entered metadata like albums
  • indexing issues: how to get proper info and debug information?
  • musicbrainz tags integration

  • audio writeback integration. This is necessary to directly edit song tags from Music. See those 2 patches: 1 and 2

  • versioning: query Tracker version to know which queries are supported. See this issue in Music.


  • Developers of apps that use Tracker, e.g. the GNOME Content apps
  • Anyone else who wants to get involved



People who are planning on or are expected to attend:

Blog Posts

Blog posts about the session:

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