• Behdad Esfahbod
  • Nathan Willis
  • Matthias Clasen
  • Benjamin Otte


  • Font Variations status
  • Color Emoji status
  • GTK4 needs / wants
  • Missing HarfBuzz / Pango / cairo APIs

  • Subpixel positioning / Scalability / Linear layout
  • Font installation / gnome-font-viewer
  • Metadata cache/db


Font Variations

  • Decision: add a pango_font_face_is_named_instance / pango_font_face_is_variable
  • To investigate: why is font variation updating broken again

Color Emoji

  • Need to update pango color emoji data / itemizer
  • Need to make the emoji chooser more robust against missing emoji fonts

GTK4 needs / wants

  • Nothing in particular, but if gtk4 grows general transformations, the font rendering may need some tweaks

Missing APIs

  • Want to get representative pairs for ligatures
  • Want to get data for cv tables

Subpixel positioning

  • 4x4 phases. Not sure we need an api to set this
  • make cairo return subpixel metrics
  • pass unrounded positions to cairo, and make cairo round to subpixel positions internally

Font installation

  • Nate wants to get docs to be available in yelp
  • Zip files are too varied to pick things out there

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