Notes from the Flatpak BoF

Outstanding 1.0 items

  • Alex wants to add information about renamed desktop files
  • Owen will hold his oci appstream patches for 1.1 at this point
  • James is interested in getting more information from snapd to portal backends, but this also does not need to block 1.0, we can do a 1.1 release of the portals with it

1.0 plans

  • Alex will do a 0.99.3 rc release today, before disappearing into a vacation
  • Patrick suggests that we should have an autostart portal. This spawned an interesting discussion about apps running in the background and enforcing policies around it. We want this, but not for 1.0. Alex points out that there is a /run/user/1000/.flatpak directory which is a useful place to store this information.
  • Matthias will work with Allan on the press release
  • Nick and Matthias were very interested in having information about available runtimes and their stability and lifetime guarantees available on the website somewhere
  • Press release ideas:
    • basics are complete
    • it will be stable and reliable
    • an open-source style "1.0" - been worked on for a long time
    • it is exciting for users
    • there is a developer story - docs, flathub, etc
  • We should remove the 'beta' label from the website
  • Bastien brought up that gnome-session mihgt be going away and be replaced by systemd user sessions

Post 1.0 plans

  • Alex wants to focus on tests, there is an idea of writing a scriptable test app
  • The application lifecycle plans are post-1.0
  • Automatic migration on renames is on Endless' wishlist
  • Exporting in local networks is something Endless has, it may be upstreamed into ostree

gnome-software features

  • Merge same app ids from different sources

Question from Bastien: tools for replacing app packages in distros ?

Long discussion about details

Question from Matthew: Do we want a convenient interface for flatpak run with cute names ?

Long discussion about system and session services.

Search providers are mentioned as an extension point prototype that could be generalized.

We may or may not have a 3.30 runtime built using buildstream, on top of freedesktop 1.8

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